12 Songs about the Penis

Music has been made on every subject, including the male genitalia. The songs are surprisingly often made by men. What do they like to brag about their phallus.

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel


This song is about sex and the lyrics are full of references to the penis.

Prince -Soft & Wet

Prince is known for his sexual lyrics anyway and that started on his 1978 debut album “For You”. He sings: “I got a sugarcane that I wanna lose in you … baby can you stand the pain?” Other Prince songs about his dick are “Come”, “Gett Off” and “Head”, bit obsessed?

Dr. Dre – Deeez Nuuuts

“I wanna ask you one question
If I had some nuts, hangin ‘on the walls, what did I have honey? ”
I said, “Darling you’d have some walnuts.”
She said, “Well. Daddy if I had some nuts
On my chest, would those be chestnuts? ”
I said, “Hell yes!”
She said, “Well daddy if I had nuts under my chin
Would those be chin-nuts? ”
I said, “Hell no bitch you’d have a dick in your mouth!”

Grace Jones – “Pull Up To the Bumper”

Sometimes a woman also sings a song about the penis. Grace Jones does not explain how to park in this song. Well, at least not how to park a car …

Driving down those city streets
Waiting to get down
Won’t you get your big machine
Somewhere in this town?
Now in the parking lot garage
You’ll find the proper place
Just follow all the written rules
You’ll fit into the space

20 Fingers – “Short Dick Man” feat. Gillette

And sometimes ladies say things that we don’t want to hear at all as a man.

Frank Zappa – Bwana Dik

“My dick is a monster
Give me your heart
My dick is a harley
You kick it to start ”

“My dick is a dagger
I’ll force it to fit
My dick is a reamer, baby
To scream up your slit ”

ZZ Top – Tube Snake Boogie

A “Tube snake” is snake for a surfboard, but that is not the “tube snake” that the guys from zz top mean in this song. You don’t do that all night, surfing!

Chuck Berry – My Ding-A-Ling

It sounds like a nursery rhyme, but My Ding-A-Ling really seems to be synonymous with penis!

Li’l Wayne – Lollipop

It is certainly not the only song in which the lollipop is used as a synonym for the penis and probably not the last, but the best known to date.

Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Salty Balls

An important part of the penis are the balls. This song was of course sung from South Park by ‘Chef’.

Monty Python – The Penis Song

An ode to the penis of the lords of Monty Python.