Ariane Grande became famous as an actress on Nickelodeon, but now she is one of the best known singers in the world: Ariana Grande is indispensable in the music world. Especially the power in her voice makes her stand out time and time again with her songs. Do you want to know what her biggest hits are? Here you will find the top 10 Ariana Grande songs.

10. Focus

Focus was released in October 2015. It was originally planned to be the first single from Ariana’s album Dangerous Woman. In the end the song was not put on the album anyway, mainly because there was some criticism here and there of the Focus style. This would be too similar to her earlier hit Problem.

9. Side to Side

The collaboration with Nicki Minaj was apparently very pleasant (later in this top 10) because in 2016 the ladies could be heard together again. This song, a reaggae pop song with dancehall influences, can be found on the album Dangerous Woman. Fans of feminine beauty will also certainly enjoy the accompanying sexy video clip.

8. Baby I

This song can be heard on Ariana’s debut album and was also her second top 40 hit. Originally Baby I was written for Beyoncé , but she declined the song. Ariana Grande showed that she could also do something with Baby I, because this song shows her singing skills perfectly.

7. Dangerous Woman

This sensual number is also the title number of the third album that Grande released. This ballad also immediately became a big hit, because Dangerous Woman was already in the top 10 in the first week after the release.

6. Break Free

This is one of the first collaborations to be found on this list. Ariana Grande regularly collaborates with other artists to create even bigger hits. Together with Zedd, Grande wrote a mix between pop and dance music.

5. The Way

The Way was the single from the first studio album from Ariana Grande. It immediately became a hit, because The Way was immediately in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. This hit was also a collaboration with another artist: Mac Miller.

4. Bang Bang

Let three of the greatest singers of the moment work together and you are guaranteed to get a monster hit. Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj could be heard everywhere in 2014.

3. Into You

Ariana likes to be inspired by different music styles. R&B and dance can be heard in many songs, but Into You is mainly written with disco music in mind. The influence of Elvis can also be heard, because the text refers to one of the hits from The King.

2. Love Me Harder

Together with The Weeknd, Grande released the hit Love Me Harder. This song is also a mix of all kinds of different styles. Dance is interspersed with sultry soul music. The result is one of the sexiest songs Ariana Grande has released.

1. Problem

Ariana Grande had long been an actress and singer, but it was the hit single Problem that suddenly turned her into a superstar. She released this song with Australian rap star Iggy Azalea. This dance song is written with R&B influences and also takes on the style of a number of big hits from the 90s. After years this is still one of the biggest hits of Ariana Grande.