The Dutch dance act 2 Unlimited had great successes in the 90s. The band was created by the Belgian producers Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde. The Dutch Anita Doth sang the songs and Ray Slijngaard was the rapper. 2 Unlimited has sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

10. Faces

2 UNLIMITED - Faces (Rap Version) (Official Music Video)

9. Tribal Dance

2 UNLIMITED - Tribal Dance 2004 V2 (Official Music Video)

8. Jump For Joy

2 UNLIMITED - Jump For Joy (Official Music Video)

7. Maximum overdrive

2 UNLIMITED - Maximum Overdrive (Official Music Video)

6. No one

2 UNLIMITED - No One (Official Music Video)

5. Get ready for this

2 UNLIMITED - Get Ready For This (Official Music Video)

4. Let the beat control your body

2 UNLIMITED - Let The Beat Control Your Body (Official Music Video)

3. The real thing

2 UNLIMITED - The Real Thing (Official Music Video)

2. Twilight zone

2 UNLIMITED - Twilight Zone (Official Music Video)

1. No limit

2 UNLIMITED - No Limit (Rap Version) (Official Music Video)