French pop sensation Alizée became a household name at the young age of 16 with her chart-topping single “Moi… Lolita” in 2000. Though she hasn’t replicated the colossal success of that debut hit, she remains a celebrated figure in the French music scene. At 35, she has a career that has spanned over two decades, showcasing her staying power in an ever-evolving industry.

Here’s a comprehensive look at her top 10 songs that not only highlight her vocal range but also the thematic depth she brings to her music.

10. Eden, Eden

This haunting track captures a darker, more mysterious side of Alizée, proving that her musical repertoire is versatile and intricate.

9. Par Les Paupières

An intimate song that delves into the emotions of longing and hope, “Par Les Paupières” showcases her lyrical prowess and sensitive vocals.

8. A contre-courant

With its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, this song is a perfect example of Alizée’s ability to master different musical styles, from pop to electro.

7. Hey Amigo

An energetic and playful song that encapsulates her youthful spirit, making it a fan favorite for those who appreciate her lighter, more upbeat side.

6. A cause de l’automne

This melancholic ballad about the changing seasons is a poetic portrayal of love and loss, yet another testament to her lyrical and emotional depth.

5. Gourmandises

The title track of her debut album, “Gourmandises” (which means “delicacies” in French), is a sultry and mature song that marked her transition from a teen idol to a full-fledged artist.

4. Blonde

An ode to blondes, this catchy tune plays with stereotypes while keeping the listener hooked with its danceable rhythm and playful lyrics.

3. L’Alizé

This iconic track takes its name from the wind and captures the essence of Alizée’s vocal range, marked by a melody as refreshing and invigorating as the breeze it describes.

2. J’en ai marre!

Translating to “I’ve had enough,” this energetic song resonates with anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed by life, capturing that feeling in a danceable, catchy melody.

1. Moi… Lolita

The song that catapulted her to fame, “Moi… Lolita” remains her signature tune. Its infectious beat and sultry lyrics have turned it into an evergreen hit, cementing her place in pop music history.

Through these songs, Alizée has demonstrated not just her vocal talent but also her artistic versatility, successfully navigating the tides of pop culture for over two decades.