Italian Baby K is very successful in her home country. In 2008 she recorded her first EP on “SOS” with 5 rap songs. In 2013 her first studio album “Una Seria” followed with the hit single “Killer”. The biggest hit of Baby K so far is “Roma-Bangkok” which she sings together with another Italian singer (Giusy Ferreri).

10. Sei sola

“Sei sola” is a track that combines Baby K’s distinctive rap flow with melodic elements. The song deals with themes of solitude and introspection, showcasing her ability to blend catchy rhythms with meaningful lyrics, resonating with anyone who has felt alone in their journey.

9. Sparami

“Sparami” showcases Baby K’s dynamic and energetic style. The song’s pulsating beat and her powerful delivery create a track that’s both empowering and invigorating, highlighting her skill in crafting songs that are both lyrically profound and rhythmically engaging.

8. Aspettavo solo te

In “Aspettavo solo te,” Baby K explores the theme of longing and the joy of finally finding the right person. Her smooth vocals and the song’s romantic melody make it a heartfelt track about love and the anticipation of meeting someone special.

7. Non cambierò mai

“Non cambierò mai” is a testament to staying true to oneself. The song’s compelling lyrics and Baby K’s assertive performance emphasize the importance of authenticity and personal growth, making it an anthem for self-acceptance and resilience.

6. Come No

“Come No” is a catchy and upbeat song that showcases Baby K’s versatility as an artist. The track’s infectious beat and her charismatic delivery create a vibrant and danceable tune, perfect for those moments of carefree enjoyment.

5. Playa

In “Playa,” Baby K delivers a summer anthem that captures the essence of fun and relaxation at the beach. The song’s sunny and breezy vibe, combined with her smooth rap style, makes it an ideal track for summer playlists and beach parties.

4. Voglio ballare con te

“Voglio ballare con te” is a lively track that invites listeners to dance and let loose. Baby K’s energetic performance and the song’s catchy rhythm make it an infectious and joyful celebration of dance and happiness.

3. Da zero a cento

“Da zero a cento” is a dynamic song that showcases Baby K’s ability to create motivational and uplifting music. The track’s driving beat and inspiring lyrics about progress and achievement resonate with anyone striving to reach their goals.

2. Killer

“Killer” is a bold and assertive track where Baby K showcases her unique blend of rap and pop. The song’s catchy chorus and her confident delivery create a powerful and captivating tune, highlighting her strength as a female artist in the music industry.

1. Roma – Bangkok (with Giusy Ferreri)

“Roma – Bangkok,” a collaboration with Giusy Ferreri, is Baby K’s standout hit. The song’s fusion of catchy pop melodies with urban beats, along with the combination of both artists’ distinct styles, creates a vibrant and memorable track that celebrates the joy of travel and new experiences.