Alec Benjamin, an American singer-songwriter, has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world with his emotional lyrics and melodious tunes. With hits that have gathered millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube, he is one of the most promising artists of this generation. But which songs by Alec Benjamin are truly unforgettable? Here is our top 10.

10. Jesus in LA

“Jesus in LA” is a melancholic song that explores the illusions of fame and happiness in Los Angeles. Alec Benjamin uses his signature storytelling style to weave a tale that is both personal and universal. The song is a perfect representation of the disillusionment many feel when chasing the American dream.

9. Outrunning Karma

This song is a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar and Alec’s unique voice. “Outrunning Karma” is about the inevitability of karma and how one must eventually face the consequences of their actions. The lyrics are profound and thought-provoking, a hallmark of Alec’s songwriting.

8. Older

“Older” is a nostalgic song that addresses the complexity of aging and the responsibilities that come with it. It’s one of those songs that make you reflect on your own life and choices, wrapped in a melodious tune that is easy on the ears.

7. Devil Doesn’t Bargain

In “Devil Doesn’t Bargain,” Alec explores the darker sides of life and the temptations that can come our way. The song is a warning about the dangers of making deals with ‘the devil,’ both literally and figuratively. The lyrics are as powerful as the musical composition.

6. If I Killed Someone for You

This song is one of Alec’s most provocative and discusses the moral dilemmas we encounter in life. It poses the question: how far would you go for the ones you love? It’s a dark but fascinating song that makes you think about the boundaries of love and ethics.

5. Eyes Blue Like the Atlantic

This is one of Alec’s most romantic songs. “Eyes Blue Like the Atlantic” is a love song that describes the beauty and depth of a loved one. It’s a song that makes you daydream and quickens your heart.

4. Boy in the Bubble

“Boy in the Bubble” is social commentary wrapped in a catchy melody. The song is about the isolation and loneliness people sometimes feel in the modern world. It’s a poignant song that will resonate with many people on a personal level.

3. If We Have Each Other

This song is an ode to the power of human connection. “If We Have Each Other” emphasizes the importance of family and friends as pillars of support in life. It’s a heartwarming song that reminds you what is truly important in life.

2. Water Fountain

“Water Fountain” is one of Alec Benjamin’s most popular songs and for good reason. It’s a cheerful yet profound song that takes the listener on a journey through various emotions. The melody is infectious and the lyrics are thoughtful, a perfect combination.

1. Let Me Down Slowly

At number one of the best Alec Benjamin songs is “Let Me Down Slowly,” a song about the pain of a love breakup. Alec’s voice and the emotional depth of the lyrics make this one of his most powerful and moving songs. It’s a song that touches you, regardless of your own love history.