The British singer Anne-Marie has carved a unique place for herself in the world of pop music. With her mix of R&B, pop, and occasionally a touch of dance, she has become one of the most dynamic artists of the moment. Her songs are not only radio-friendly but also rich in emotions and meaning. So, what are the ten best songs by Anne-Marie?

10. Alarm

Alarm is a song that immediately grabs the listener. It has a driving beat and sets the tone right away for a story about a relationship on the brink. Anne-Marie’s vocal talents are clearly present, perfectly conveying the emotional charge of the song. An ideal track for those moments when you hear your own alarm bells ringing.

9. Birthday

On a lighter note, Birthday gives us an Anne-Marie who celebrates her birthday the way she wants to, without worrying about what others think. The song is a celebration of individuality and self-expression, and its playful melody makes it an ideal party track. In Birthday, we see the versatility of Anne-Marie as an artist, capable of both depth and lightheartedness.


With PSYCHO, Anne-Marie explores the complicated landscape of relationships and emotional baggage. The title may be a bit intense, but the song itself offers a nuanced look at the complexity of human interactions. The beat is catchy, and the lyrics are both vulnerable and powerful, a combination that Anne-Marie nails to a T.

7. Ciao Adios

Ciao Adios is a song about saying goodbye, but in the Anne-Marie way: confident and strong. She sings about a relationship that no longer works and makes it clear that she deserves better. The energetic beat and powerful vocals make this an empowering anthem for anyone ready to move on.

6. Unhealthy (ft. Shania Twain)

In this duet with country legend Shania Twain, we hear Anne-Marie in a new way. Unhealthy is a melodramatic track that addresses the theme of emotional imbalance in relationships. The fusion of Anne-Marie’s modern pop and Twain’s country influences results in a unique sound that you won’t soon forget.

5. Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Baby Don’t Hurt Me is a pop song with a serious undertone. Anne-Marie’s emotional singing is coupled with a melody that sticks. The song is about the fragility of love and the fear of getting hurt, making it a poignant reflection on human relationships.

4. Rewrite the Stars (ft. James Arthur)

In this duet with James Arthur, they reinterpret the classic from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Both artists are vocally at their best, giving the song a new dimension with their chemistry and emotion. Rewrite the Stars is a musical masterpiece that addresses the universal themes of love and fate.

3. fuck, i’m lonely

This song strikes a different chord and dives into the theme of loneliness. Anne-Marie’s singing reflects the vulnerability and uncertainty that come with the subject, while modern production makes it accessible and relatable.


FRIENDS is an anthem about the friendzone, but with a twist. It’s not the typical sob story but a clear message from Anne-Marie to a persistent suitor. The song is catchy and has one of those choruses you can’t get out of your head.

1. 2002

Coming in at number one is the unforgettable 2002, a song that is both nostalgic and innovative. Anne-Marie’s sweet melodies and poignant lyrics make this a modern classic. The song is an ode to the music and events of the year 2002 but remains universal through the emotions of first love that it evokes.