Since Anouk broke through in 1997 with the song “Nobody’s Wife”, she has become an indispensable part of the Dutch music scene. Anouk has now released eight study albums with many successful singles. The song “Girl” was even named best Dutch single by 3FM in 2005 (Anouk also took third place with the song “Nobody’s Wife”). Anouk is seen as the most popular rock singer in our country. She writes her rock songs herself, sometimes with others. In 2013, Anouk surprised friend and foe by participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Birds”. Despite the song receiving a lot of criticism at first, she took 9th place and the criticism gave way to praise. Incidentally, “Birds” is number 3 in this list.

10. Sacrifice (1998)

In August 1998 the song “Sacrifice” was released. It reached the 6th position in the Single Top 100 and the 7th position in the Dutch Top 40. The song “Sacrifice” is about a relationship that was broken because the other suddenly needed freedom, but drowned in his worries. “You can sacrifice me, you can sacrifice me. You can be who you want to be. You can be who you want to be. ”

9. R You kiddin ‘me (1999)

The rock song “R U kiddin” me “comes from the year 1999. Anouk wrote the song herself together with Bart van Veen. The single is the first and most successful single from the album “Urban Solitude”. The song was number 2 in the Dutch Top 40 and number 3 in the Single Top 100. “R U Kiddin ‘me” was also the alarm disc. It also won the TMF Award for best single of the year 2000. Despite this, the single did not reach the Top 2000 of Radio 2 until 2014.

8. Three days in a row (2009)

On August 28, 2009, the song “Three days in a row” was released. Immediately when the song premiered, it was voted Alarm Disc by Radio 538 and was named 3FM Megahit by 3FM. After just one week, the song was heard on the radio 22 million times. With that, the song took first place in the Airplay chart in one fell swoop. That is very unique for a Dutch act. In the Dutch Top 40, “Three days in a row” was number 1 for 4 weeks. It also achieved this highest position in the Single Top 100. The special thing about this song is that it is more like blues music than usual rock music. The song is about the love for someone, which is felt after an intense encounter of three days.

7. Girl (2004)

In 2004 Anouk released the song “Girl”. The song reached the number 2 position in the Dutch Top 40 and the Single Top 100. It was in the Dutch Top 40 for a very long time, namely 26 weeks. The chorus of “Girl” goes like this “To you, you, you. Yeah, I belong to you. Say you yeah you. Could I belong to you. ”

6. One word (2005)

In the year 2005 the quiet, sensitive song “One Word” was released. The highest position in the Dutch Top 40 was number 4. It was on this list for 20 weeks. In the Single Top 100, “One Word” was at number 8. It was also the alarm disk. The lyrics are about the loss of a loved one. “Still I don’t know why, why you’re gone”. It ends with “You’re a star in heaven now. Yeah you’re my star. ”

5. For Bitter Or Worse (2009)

In 2010 Anouk’s single “For Bitter or Worse” was released. The song was on the 14th position in the Dutch Top 40 and on the 21st position in the Single Top 100. The single comes from the album of the same name. “For Bitter or Worse” is the title song of the Dutch film “The Happy Housewife”. In addition to the existing video clip, a special version has been made for this film, which contains images of the film. The lyrics of “For Bitter or Worse” are about a broken love affair. “What do you say when it’s all over. What do you know when nothing’s going right. ”

4. Michel (2000)

In the year 2000 Anouk achieved great success with the song “Michel”. It was in the Dutch Top 40 for 15 weeks, of which the highest position was 3. It also achieved this position in the Single Top 100. In addition, it was also the Alarm disk. The lyrics of the song recall Michel, a loved one. “We walked the street to the beat. Hand in hand you and me. Smiling faces so in love. Hoping that they all could see. “But now Michel has another wife. “Now it’s you and her I see.” It was just a silly dream. Hey Michel, do you remember. ”

3. Birds (2013)

In 2013 the very sensitive song “Birds” was released. It is a different type of song than the other songs of Anouk, because this was the entry of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Anouk sang the song on May 18, 2013, in Malmö in Sweden. With the song Anouk took 6th place in the first semifinal and then finished 9th in the final, a very good performance for the Netherlands. On the day Anouk sang ‘Birds’ at the Eurovision Song Contest, the song appeared on the 1st position in the Single Top 100. It also reached the 3rd position in the Dutch Top 40. During the Eurovision Song Contest it was also at number 1 for a short time. in the iTunes Store.

2. Lost (2005)

The ballad “Lost” was released on March 4, 2005. It reached the 2nd position in the Dutch Top 40 and the Single Top 100. This was also a popular song in Belgium. There it was in 7th place in the Flemish Ultratop 50. The text of “Lost” is about a great love that is no longer there. It is incomprehensible. “If roses are meant to be red. And violets to be blue. Then why isn’t my heart meant for you? “If love should not be there, then you feel lost in the world.

1. Nobody’s wife (1997) 4

The song “Nobody’s Wife” is the single with which Anouk broke through at the start of her career in the year 1997. It was in the Dutch Top 40 for 20 weeks and achieved the 2nd position here. It also achieved this position in the Single Top 100. “Nobody’s Wife” is Anouk’s 2nd single. It is on her very first album “Together Alone”. The song was recorded in Belgium. John Sonneveld was behind the controls. The song also became known in the United States. It appeared there with a b-side with the song “Sacrifice”.