Duncan Laurence, the Dutch singer-songwriter who gained international fame by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, is so much more than just his hit “Arcade.” With a unique blend of pop, soul, and electronic elements, his musical portfolio covers a wide range of emotions and themes. What are the top ten songs from this versatile artist?

10. Sleeping on the Phone

“Sleeping on the Phone” showcases Duncan Laurence’s vulnerable side. It’s a melodious track that intimately delves into loneliness and distance within a relationship. The subtle instrumentation and Duncan’s raspy vocals make this song a perfect late-night listening experience.

9. Whises Come True

In “Whises Come True,” Duncan explores the notion of dreams becoming reality, but not always in the way one might expect. The song builds gradually, culminating in a powerful chorus. It serves as an anthem for those who still believe in the unexpected.

8. Electric Life

“Electric Life” is an upbeat track that highlights Duncan’s pop sensibilities. With its catchy melody and uplifting message, one could argue that this song is Duncan’s take on modern pop, blended with his signature profound lyrics.

7. Yet

The song “Yet” is an intriguing piece where Duncan delves into the theme of unrequited love. The blend of piano and electronic elements creates an emotionally charged atmosphere, further heightened by his passionate vocals.

6. Stars

“Stars” is a song that fully exploits Duncan’s vocal range. It revolves around achieving one’s dreams, using stars as a metaphor for such ambitions. The lyrics are both hopeful and realistic—a balance difficult to strike in pop music.

5. Someone Else

This track delves deep into the complexities of letting go of a former love. The emotions are raw, and the instrumentation is minimalist, putting a strong emphasis on Duncan’s expressive vocals. It’s a potent, emotional song that will touch many hearts.

4. Love Don’t Hate It

“Love Don’t Hate It” delivers a powerful message of acceptance and love. It’s an anthem that pushes boundaries both musically and lyrically. It tackles the theme of self-love and acceptance in a manner that is both accessible and profound.

3. Skyboy

“Skyboy” might just be Duncan Laurence’s most unique track. It starts with an ethereal melody that leads to an explosion of raw emotion. It’s a journey through the highs and lows of human feelings, wrapped up in just a few minutes.

2. Loving You Is a Losing Game

This track is another highlight in Duncan’s collection. It blends a catchy tune with heart-wrenching lyrics, packed full of emotional intensity. Often considered a sort of sequel to “Arcade,” it is acclaimed for its emotional depth.

1. Arcade

Last but not least, “Arcade,” the song that catapulted Duncan Laurence into international stardom. This song is a masterpiece that is both simple and complex, both universal and deeply personal. It melds melancholy with hope and features a melody that sticks with you. It’s the ultimate Duncan Laurence song and a deserving number one.