Ella Henderson, the British singer-songwriter who rose to fame after appearing on the UK’s X Factor, has been dazzling audiences with her vocal talent and emotive lyrics. She’s teamed up with some of the industry’s finest to produce songs that have garnered hundreds of millions of streams. So, which 10 Ella Henderson songs are the most streamed and played daily? Here’s our rundown:

10. Friends

“Friends” is a pop-infused anthem about the complexities of friendships. With its catchy hooks and Ella’s emotive voice, the song has touched the hearts of many, evident by its streaming numbers.

9. Let’s Go Home Together

This charming duet with Tom Grennan is all about the beginnings of love and the beauty of going home together. The relatable lyrics and simple yet impactful melody make it a go-to track for romantic playlists.

8. We Got Love (feat. Ella Henderson)

Collaborating with other artists, Ella brought her vocal magic to “We Got Love.” The song mixes optimistic lyrics with a poppy tune, making it a feel-good hit.

7. This Is Real

“This Is Real” offers an authentic look into Ella’s world. The song combines pop and electronic elements, providing a danceable track that still retains emotional depth.

6. Yours

This ballad is a heartfelt testament to unconditional love. Ella’s powerful vocals shine, adding a layer of vulnerability that resonates with a wide audience.

5. Hurricane

Ella shows off her range with this soaring track. The emotionally charged lyrics and instrumental make “Hurricane” a mainstay in her musical repertoire.

4. Here for You

This collaborative effort adds a twist of dance music to Ella’s soulful vocals. The synergy between the beats and her voice makes “Here for You” a multi-genre success.

3. 21 Reasons

“21 Reasons” shows Ella’s versatility as an artist. Featured in this song, she takes us on a journey through ups and downs, capturing the essence of youthful recklessness.

2. Crazy What Love Can Do

Another star-studded collaboration, this time with David Guetta and Becky Hill, “Crazy What Love Can Do” is a mix of pop and electronic elements. Its universal appeal makes it a massive hit.

1. Ghost

No Ella Henderson list would be complete without “Ghost.” This song was her breakout hit and continues to be one of her most iconic tracks. The powerful vocals and haunting lyrics make it her most streamed song to date.