Evanescence, led by the charismatic singer Amy Lee, has conquered the rock world with their distinctive blend of gothic rock and melodic ballads. Their music, both powerful and emotional, has made them one of the most recognizable bands of the 21st century. Here is our top 10 of the best songs by Evanescence:

10. What You Want

What You Want is a powerful song that takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With its catchy chorus and powerful guitar riffs, it’s a song that is both uplifting and inspiring.

9. Sweet Sacrifice

Sweet Sacrifice is a song that explores the complexity of love and sacrifice. Amy Lee’s powerful voice and the emotional lyrics make this one of the band’s most gripping songs.

8. My Last Breath

This song, with its profound lyrics and melodic instrumentation, is a reflection on life and the impending death. It’s a song that is both comforting and touching.

7. My Heart Is Broken

My Heart Is Broken is a heart-wrenching ballad that explores the pain of loss and heartbreak. Amy Lee’s emotional singing and the powerful instrumentation make this an unforgettable track.

6. Everybody’s Fool

This song is a powerful indictment against deceit and false promises. It’s a song that is both powerful and uplifting, and a reminder of the importance of authenticity.

5. Lithium

Lithium is a profound song that explores the battle with mental health and depression. It’s both a personal confession and a universal tale about the challenges of modern life.

4. Call Me When You’re Sober

This song, with its catchy melody and straightforward lyrics, is a direct message to a loved one. It’s both a call to action and a reminder of the importance of self-respect.

3. Going Under

Going Under is a powerful song that explores the battle with inner demons and the challenges of life in the spotlight. It’s a song that is both raw and relatable.

2. Bring Me to Life

One of Evanescence’s most iconic songs, Bring Me to Life is a powerful call to awaken and self-discovery. With its unforgettable chorus and powerful instrumentation, it’s a song that has inspired generations of music lovers.

1. My Immortal

Topping the list is the timeless My Immortal. This song, with its tender melody and emotional lyrics, is a reflection on loss and the immortality of memories. It’s a song that is both comforting and touching, and a perfect representation of Evanescence’s talents as a band.