Australian rapper Iggy Azalea rose to fame on YouTube in 2011 with her two songs “Pu$$y” and “Two Times”. Her first studio album was only released three years later in 2014, “The New Classic”.

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The single “Fancy”, a collaboration with Charli XCX, meant her big break.
In addition to her songs, the magazines are often full of the (very large) booty of this lady. Together with that other singer with a ‘big booty‘ she also made a song about this with a matching very sexy video clip, “Booty”.

10. Go Hard or Go Home (with Wiz Khalifa)
Teaming up with Wiz Khalifa, “Go Hard or Go Home” is a high-energy track that serves as a motivational anthem. Its compelling beat and assertive lyrics make it a go-to song for getting pumped up.

9. Bounce

“Bounce” is an infectious dance track that is hard to resist. Its vibrant beats and catchy hook make it a party anthem and an undeniable crowd-pleaser.

8. Pu$$y

One of Iggy Azalea’s earlier hits, “Pu$$y” offers a brazen, unapologetic tone. The song gained attention for its audacious lyrics and bold presentation, marking Iggy as a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.

7. Change Your Life

“Change Your Life” is a dynamic track that explores empowerment and transformation. It serves as an anthem for those looking to turn their lives around, featuring both reflective lyrics and a powerful beat.

6. Trouble

“Trouble” explores themes of complicated relationships and the allure of bad decisions. Its catchy tune and relatable subject matter have made it one of Iggy’s most memorable tracks.

5. Booty

A collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, “Booty” is a celebration of self-confidence and allure. The track’s energetic beat and sensual lyrics make it an obvious choice for dance floors.

4. Work

“Work” provides a glimpse into Iggy Azalea’s journey to success. The song combines autobiographical elements with a strong beat, serving as both a personal story and a motivational anthem.

3. Problem (with Ariana Grande)

In collaboration with Ariana Grande, “Problem” is an upbeat track about overcoming romantic issues. The song was a commercial success and became iconic for its catchy saxophone riff and powerful vocals.

2. Black Widow

“Black Widow” dives into the complexities of a toxic relationship. Featuring Rita Ora, the track combines engaging storytelling with a captivating beat, making it a hit among fans and critics alike.

1. Fancy

“Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, stands as Iggy Azalea’s signature song. The track took the charts by storm with its infectious hook and ostentatious lyrics, solidifying Iggy’s status in the mainstream.