INXS, the legendary rock band from Australia, has left behind an impressive musical legacy. With their infectious mix of rock, new wave, and funk, they are one of the most iconic bands of the ’80s and ’90s. But which songs are truly indispensable in INXS’s rich catalog? Here is our top 10:

10. Disappear

“Disappear” from the album ‘X’ (1990) is a quintessential INXS track: a strong melody, a catchy chorus, and Michael Hutchence’s signature voice. The song is a highlight in the band’s career, and its melody effortlessly sticks in your head.

9. Don’t Change

“Don’t Change,” from the album ‘Shabooh Shoobah’ (1982), is an anthem that has effortlessly stood the test of time. The song, a mix of post-punk and new wave, has a structure that is reminiscent of the best of U2, but with that unique INXS twist.

8. By My Side

Also from their album ‘X’ comes “By My Side,” a song that shows the more sensitive side of INXS. The ballad-like melodies combined with Hutchence’s soulful vocals make this song one of their most touching.

7. Suicide Blonde

The provocative “Suicide Blonde” from 1990 combines incisive lyrics with a driving rhythm. The harmonica intro gives it a unique sound that is instantly recognizable, and the song has lost none of its potency even after more than 30 years.

6. Mystify

“Mystify” from the album ‘Kick’ (1987) is a song that perfectly captures the essence of INXS. The swinging piano melody, along with Hutchence’s distinctive voice, creates an atmosphere that is both dreamy and grounded.

5. Beautiful Girl

Another highlight is “Beautiful Girl,” from the album ‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’ (1992). This song is more than just a beautiful love song; it also shows a more subdued side of the band and addresses themes like body image and self-respect.

4. New Sensation

“New Sensation” is a song that simply brims with energy. The horn section adds an extra dimension to the already powerful arrangement. The song bridges the band’s rock roots and their flirtation with pop music.

3. Need You Tonight

“Need You Tonight” is undoubtedly one of INXS’s most iconic songs. It has an irresistible groove that immediately invites you to dance. The combination of Hutchence’s sultry voice and the tight guitar riffs make it an unforgettable song.

2. Original Sin

“Original Sin” marked a significant turning point in INXS’s career. The band ventured more into synthesizers and electronic sounds, without losing their rock identity. The song tackles deep themes like race and identity, making it impressive not only musically but also lyrically.

1. Never Tear Us Apart

At number one is “Never Tear Us Apart,” an emotionally powerful song that grabs you from the first saxophone notes. This song has it all: romance, drama, and an unforgettable melody. It is not only the highlight of their album ‘Kick,’ but also the ultimate INXS song that proves the band’s timeless appeal.