James Brown was more than just a musician; he was a cultural icon who forever changed the way we listen to soul, funk, and R&B. With over 50 albums and countless hits to his name, Brown was a pioneer in many respects. But what are his all-time classics? Here’s our top 10 rundown.

10. People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul

This track from the 1973 album “Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off” is a captivating blend of instrumental prowess and pure funk. It serves as an open invitation for the audience to dance and enjoy, epitomizing Brown’s mastery over rhythmic grooves.

9. Try Me

This early piece from Brown, released in 1958, showcases his softer, romantic side. “Try Me” is a ballad where Brown displays his vocal range. The song serves as a reminder of the diversity in his repertoire and his skills as a complete artist.

8. Living in America

This 1985 track became an anthem for an entire generation. Known from the film “Rocky IV,” it highlights Brown’s ability to evolve with the times while staying true to his roots. It’s a musical homage to the American way of life and a nod to his own status as an American icon.

7. Unchained

6. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Pt. 1

This 1965 song was a game-changer for both Brown and the music industry as a whole. With its funky rhythms and groundbreaking arrangements, this track marked the moment when James Brown became the “Godfather of Soul.”

5. The Boss

Taken from the 1973 album “Black Caesar,” “The Boss” displays James Brown at his most confident and charismatic. The message is clear: James Brown is the boss, both on and off the stage.

4. Get Up Offa That Thing

This 1976 hit was an instant success. With its irresistible rhythm and strong brass section, it’s the ultimate party tune. If you’re not dancing to this song, nobody is.

3. It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World

Blending soul and deep emotion, this track is a powerful statement about the human condition. Brown delivers one of his most passionate and memorable vocal performances here.

2. Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine (Part 1)

This 1970 hit is probably one of his most famous tracks. It’s pure funk at its finest, an endlessly danceable tune that never loses its luster.

1. I Got You (I Feel Good)

This 1965 song is perhaps the ultimate feel-good tune and is unquestionably James Brown’s most famous hit. It serves as the perfect closing to this list, encompassing everything that made James Brown beloved: uplifting rhythms, irresistible melodies, and an overall sense of unbridled joy.

James Brown left an impressive legacy, and these ten tracks provide a comprehensive overview of his influential career. Each song is a classic in its own right, and together they form the ultimate tribute to the “Godfather of Soul.”