John Mayer has emerged as a master of contemporary pop and blues throughout his career. With a voice as smooth as his guitar playing, Mayer has numerous hits to his name. Each song reveals a different side of this versatile musician. But what are the ten best songs by John Mayer? Here’s our top 10.

10. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

“You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” from the album “The Search for Everything” (2017) is a ballad that has the feel of a timeless classic. Mayer shows his vulnerable side here, and the melody is reminiscent of classic Disney songs. The song is full of emotion, with the piano taking center stage, evoking a mood that anyone who has ever known love can relate to.

9. Your Body Is a Wonderland

“Your Body Is a Wonderland” is the song that marked John Mayer’s definitive entry into the world of mainstream pop. Originating from his album “Room for Squares” (2001), this song has a playful and sultry character that perfectly fits the lyrics. The guitar riffs are irresistible and make the song a modern classic.

8. Waiting on the World to Change

This hit from the album “Continuum” (2006) is Mayer’s take on the complexity of modern society. The song has a catchy melody and recognizable guitar riffs, and discusses the feeling of helplessness in a world full of problems. It’s social critique wrapped in an accessible package.

7. New Light

“New Light” is a refreshingly upbeat pop song with disco influences. It showcases Mayer’s versatility as a musician and singer. The lyrics are about a second chance in a love relationship and are wrapped in an infectious melody that you won’t easily forget. A very different side of Mayer, but all the more interesting.

6. Free Fallin’

This is Mayer’s own take on Tom Petty’s classic. Mayer’s version is subdued and focuses on his velvety voice and subtle guitar playing. It’s a beautiful tribute to the original, while at the same time bringing something new. Definitely worth the listen for both fans of the original and new listeners.

5. Last Train Home
From the album “Sob Rock” (2021) comes this gem that perfectly captures the ’80s vibe. “Last Train Home” is a bittersweet song that evokes a sense of nostalgia. It shows Mayer as a musician who evolves with the times, but doesn’t forget the essence of good music.

4. Daughters

“Daughters” from the album “Heavier Things” (2003) is a sensitive song that focuses on the impact of parents on their daughters. With simple yet powerful lyrics and an acoustic guitar at the forefront, it’s one of Mayer’s most emotional and award-winning songs.

3. In the Blood
“In the Blood” from the album “The Search for Everything” (2017) is an introspective song in which Mayer explores the influence of family and heritage. The song has a country-like vibe and is filled with questions about identity and lineage.

2. Gravity

This song, originally from “Room for Squares” but re-released on “Continuum” (2006), is perhaps one of Mayer’s most profound songs. It’s about the struggle against life’s gravity and the temptations that pull us down. “Gravity” is packed with emotion and is a highlight in his oeuvre.

1. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

The magnum opus of John Mayer must be “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” Also from “Continuum,” this song is the perfect mix of his guitar skills and his ability to poignantly describe a relationship at its breaking point. The melancholy is almost tangible, making this song an absolute classic.