Kane, one of the most iconic rock bands from the Netherlands, has numerous hits to their name over the years. Their signature sound, combined with profound lyrics and powerful melodies, has earned them a permanent place in Dutch music history. Here’s our top 10 of the best songs by Kane:

10. High places

“High places” is a song that takes the listener on a musical journey. The melodic guitar lines and the powerful vocals of Dinand Woesthoff provide an unforgettable listening experience.

9. My best wasn’t good enough

This introspective song showcases the vulnerable side of Kane. The lyrics are about self-reflection and the realization that sometimes doing your best isn’t enough. It’s a song that resonates with many and is relatable.

8. Before you let me go (with Ilse DeLange)

In collaboration with the talented Ilse DeLange, “Before you let me go” delivers a beautiful duet that showcases the strength of both artists. The harmonies and the chemistry between the two singers make this song a highlight in Kane’s discography.

7. Can you handle me

With a catchy melody and an irresistible chorus, “Can you handle me” is a song that sticks in your head. It showcases the rock side of Kane at its best.

6. So glad you made it

This song is an ode to love and life. The build-up of the song, combined with the emotional vocals, makes “So glad you made it” one of Kane’s most beloved songs.

5. Shot of a gun

With a powerful guitar riff and an unforgettable chorus, “Shot of a gun” showcases the energetic side of Kane. It’s a song that uplifts and gets you singing along.

4. I Will Keep My Head Down

This song beautifully exemplifies Kane’s ability to convey deep emotions through music. The lyrics are about perseverance and hope, and it’s a song that inspires many.

3. Damn those eyes

“Damn those eyes” is a sensual and captivating song. The combination of sultry vocals and the catchy melody makes this one of Kane’s most iconic songs.

2. Rain down on me

This song is a true masterpiece. The powerful vocals, combined with the emotional lyrics, make “Rain down on me” an anthem cherished and respected by many.

1. No surrender

At number one is “No surrender,” a song that encapsulates everything that makes Kane great. The inspiring lyrics, the powerful melody, and the unforgettable vocals make this the ultimate Kane song.