The American rock band Kiss is known for their theatrical live performances, distinctive makeup, and of course, their iconic songs. With their flamboyant style and unmistakable sound, they have left an indelible mark on rock history. But which Kiss songs are truly the classics? Here’s our top 10 of the best Kiss songs.

10. God of Thunder
“God of Thunder” is a powerful song that perfectly captures the essence of Kiss. The thundering drums and heavy guitar riffs make this song a true rock anthem. It’s no wonder that this song is often associated with the demon persona of bassist Gene Simmons. With his menacing vocals and the dark atmosphere of the song, “God of Thunder” is a perfect example of the theatricality Kiss is known for.

9. Strutter

“Strutter” is one of the songs from Kiss’s debut album and shows a lighter side of the band. With its catchy guitar riffs and melodic vocals, it’s a song you won’t easily forget. It’s an ode to the confident woman and showcases the glamorous side of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle Kiss is famous for.

8. Love Gun

With “Love Gun,” Kiss proves that they are masters at writing rock hits. The song has everything you’d expect from a classic Kiss song: powerful guitar solos, a catchy chorus, and the unmistakable voice of Paul Stanley. “Love Gun” is a song that sweeps you off your feet and doesn’t let go.

7. Deuce

“Deuce” is one of Kiss’s first hits and has effortlessly stood the test of time. The song has a raw energy that immediately grabs you. The powerful guitar riffs and Gene Simmons’ distinctive vocals make this one of the band’s most recognizable songs.

6. Parasite

“Parasite” is a song that shows the darker side of Kiss. With its heavy guitar riffs and menacing atmosphere, it’s a song that grabs you by the throat. It’s about a destructive relationship and the impact it has on the person involved. It’s a song that goes deep both musically and lyrically.

5. Black Diamond
“Black Diamond” is an epic song that starts with a calm intro but quickly erupts into a powerful rock explosion. The song showcases the versatility of Kiss and proves that they aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound. Peter Criss’s powerful vocals give the song an extra dimension.

4. Sure Know Something

With “Sure Know Something,” Kiss shows a different side of themselves. The song has a disco vibe and proves that the band isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. It’s a song that appeals to both rock and pop fans, showcasing the band’s versatility.

3. I Was Made for Lovin’ You

“I Was Made for Lovin’ You” is perhaps the most well-known song by Kiss. With its disco influences and irresistible chorus, it’s a song that sticks in your head. It proves that Kiss isn’t just a rock band but is also capable of writing pop hits.

2. Detroit Rock City

“Detroit Rock City” is a tribute to the rock ‘n roll capital of the world. The song has an irresistible energy and showcases why Kiss is one of the biggest rock bands in the world. With its powerful guitar riffs and catchy chorus, it’s a song every rock fan knows.

1. Rock ‘n Roll All Nite

At number one, of course, is “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite,” the ultimate Kiss anthem. The song perfectly encapsulates what the band stands for: celebrating life and rock ‘n roll. It’s a song that has inspired generations and remains one of the greatest rock hits of all time.