Lil’ Kim, the undisputed Queen Bee of rap, has been a force in the music industry for over two decades. Known for her audacious lyrics, provocative image, and groundbreaking influence, Lil’ Kim has an extensive catalog that includes hits that range from hardcore rap to sultry R&B. Here are the top 10 Lil’ Kim songs that have solidified her place in hip-hop royalty.

10. Lighters Up

A tribute to her hometown of Brooklyn, “Lighters Up” showcases Lil’ Kim’s lyrical prowess and deep connection to her roots. The reggae-infused beat and laid-back vibe make it a distinct entry in her discography, perfect for those who love the more relaxed side of Kim.

9. Queen Bitch

As the title suggests, “Queen Bitch” is Lil’ Kim proclaiming her royalty in the rap game. Fierce, raw, and unapologetic, the song serves as an anthem for anyone who refuses to be pigeonholed or underestimated.

8. Nasty One

This song provides a glimpse into the softer, more sensual side of Lil’ Kim. “Nasty One” is a sultry and melodic track that feels like a summer anthem, a deviation from her harder rap tracks but a welcome one.

7. Not Tonight

A feminist anthem of sorts, “Not Tonight” flips the script on male-centric narratives and places women in positions of power. With its catchy hook and empowering message, the song remains relevant today, a testament to Kim’s forward-thinking approach to music.

6. Big Momma Thang

In “Big Momma Thang,” Lil’ Kim showcases her fearless lyrical skills, throwing caution to the wind as she tackles issues of sexuality and female empowerment head-on. The song is as bold as Kim herself, a rallying cry for self-confidence and audacity.

5. #Mine

An ode to possessive love, “#Mine” is a sultry, modern track that combines hip-hop with elements of R&B. It’s a less aggressive but still confident song, as Lil’ Kim explores the nuances of a complicated relationship with her signature lyrical acumen.

4. Crush On You

One of Lil’ Kim’s earliest hits, “Crush On You,” is a colorful and flirtatious track that perfectly encapsulates the rap diva’s playful side. The song’s catchy beat and memorable music video helped solidify Lil’ Kim’s place in hip-hop history.

3. How Many Licks?

Provocative and daring, “How Many Licks?” is quintessential Lil’ Kim. The song has become iconic for its unabashed approach to sexuality, offering a counter-narrative to the often male-dominated discourse around the subject.

2. The Jump Off

“The Jump Off” is a high-energy, fast-paced track that serves as a quintessential party anthem. Featuring a compelling beat and an unforgettable hook, the song captures the essence of Lil’ Kim’s ability to dominate any room she walks into.

1. Magic Stick

Perhaps one of Lil’ Kim’s most well-known tracks, “Magic Stick,” features 50 Cent and remains a classic in both artists’ catalogs. Its catchy beat and memorable lyrics make it a staple in early 2000s hip-hop, solidifying Lil’ Kim’s status as one of the greatest female rappers of all time.

With a career filled with ups and downs, controversies, and triumphs, Lil’ Kim has proven time and again that she’s a trailblazer in the industry. This list of her top 10 songs only scratches the surface of her influence and talent, but they are a great starting point for anyone looking to dive into the discography of this iconic artist.