Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known as Lizzo, is an American singer and rapper, best known for her success songs “Truth Hurts” and “Juice”.

She is one of the founders of the indie hip hop groups The Chalice, Grrrl Prty, The Clerb, Ellypseas, and Absynthe. Her solo debut album Lizzobangers was released in 2013. Two years after the release of her debut album, her second album Big Grrrl Small World was released in 2015 and Cuz I Love You in 2019. The latest album marks Lizzo’s global breakthrough.

10. Cuz I Love You

“Cuz I Love You” is a powerful and emotive ballad that showcases Lizzo’s impressive vocal range. The song’s passionate lyrics and soulful delivery reveal a vulnerability and depth, making it a standout track about the intensity and complexities of love.

9. Fitness

“Fitness” is an energetic and empowering anthem about self-love and body positivity. With its catchy beat and Lizzo’s confident vocals, the song is a celebration of self-acceptance, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and strength.

8. Scuse Me

In “Scuse Me,” Lizzo blends soulful rhythms with a message of self-empowerment and confidence. The track’s smooth groove and Lizzo’s charismatic delivery create an anthem for self-respect and owning one’s space, making it a relatable and uplifting song.

7. Soulmate

“Soulmate” is a vibrant track that celebrates self-love and independence. Lizzo’s upbeat performance and the song’s catchy lyrics promote the idea of being one’s own soulmate, highlighting the importance of self-love and personal fulfillment.

6. Tempo

“Tempo,” featuring Missy Elliott, is a high-energy song that celebrates diverse body types and the joy of dance. The song’s dynamic beat and Lizzo’s bold lyrics create an inclusive anthem that encourages everyone to feel confident and free on the dance floor.

5. Blame it on your love

“Blame it on Your Love,” a collaboration with Charli XCX, is a catchy pop track with a unique twist. Lizzo’s distinct style adds depth and charisma to the song, exploring the complexities of love and relationships in a playful and engaging manner.

4. Boys

“Boys” is a fun and cheeky song where Lizzo playfully addresses different types of attraction. The track’s catchy rhythm and Lizzo’s witty lyrics make it a lighthearted and enjoyable tune, showcasing her versatility and sense of humor.

3. Good as Hell

“Good as Hell” is an uplifting anthem about finding strength and confidence, especially after a breakup. Lizzo’s inspiring lyrics and the song’s catchy beat create a feel-good vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace their worth and feel “good as hell.”

2. Truth Hurts

“Truth Hurts” is a breakout hit that combines witty lyrics with a catchy beat. The song’s message of moving on from a relationship and finding empowerment struck a chord with audiences, becoming an anthem for independence and self-respect.

1. Juice

“Juice” is a vibrant and infectious track that exudes confidence and positivity. Lizzo’s charismatic performance and the song’s groovy melody make it an instant classic, celebrating self-confidence and the joy of being unapologetically oneself.