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Lykke Li is a Swedish singer, songwriter and model. Her music often combines elements of indie pop, dream pop and electronic. Lykke Li possesses the vocal range of a soprano. Li’s debut album, Youth Novels, was released in 2008. Her second album, Wounded Rhymes, was released in 2011, followed by her third album, I Never Learn, in 2014. In 2016, Lykke Li formed the band LIV.

These are Lykke Li top 10 numbers.

10. Breaking it Up

9. Love me like I’m not made of stone

8. I’m Good, I’m gone

7. Love out of lust

6. Sadness is a Blessing

5. Get Some

4. Gunshot

3. Little Bit

2. No Rest for the Wicked

1. I Follow Rivers