British Mabel has carved a space for herself in the contemporary pop landscape with her unique blend of R&B, pop, and dance music. The daughter of Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey, Mabel has musical roots that run deep. But it’s her individual voice, both in lyricism and vocal prowess, that has caught the attention of a global audience. Her songs often explore the complexities of love, the journey to self-acceptance, and the ups and downs of life in the modern age.

10. My Lover – Not3s x Mabel

Not3s, Mabel - My Lover (Radio Edit) (Official Video)

A collaboration with Not3s, “My Lover” gives us a sweet blend of R&B with a hint of Afrobeat. The song’s catchy tune makes it a romantic anthem for the modern era.

9. Don’t Call Me Up – R3HAB Remix

Mabel - Don't Call Me Up (R3HAB Remix)

This remix by R3HAB puts a different twist on Mabel’s hit “Don’t Call Me Up,” adding an energetic EDM layer that elevates the original.

8. I Wish (Joel Corry feat. Mabel)

Joel Corry - I Wish (feat. Mabel) [Official Video]

“I Wish” brings together Joel Corry’s beats and Mabel’s unmistakable vocals. The song is a vibrant dance track that effortlessly captures the mood of young love.

7. West Ten (with AJ Tracey)

AJ Tracey & Mabel - West Ten

Collaborating with AJ Tracey, “West Ten” is a UK garage-inspired tune that captures the spirit of London, making it an anthem for the city’s youth.

6. Finders Keepers

Mabel - Finders Keepers (Official Video) ft. Kojo Funds

A slower, sensual R&B offering, “Finders Keepers” showcases Mabel’s vocal capabilities, letting her lyrical storytelling take the center stage.

5. Ring Ring

Jax Jones, Mabel - Ring Ring (Official Video) ft. Rich The Kid

Featured alongside Jax Jones and Rich The Kid, “Ring Ring” brings us an exciting fusion of dance-pop and hip-hop elements.

4. Boyfriend

In “Boyfriend,” Mabel delves into the idea of the perfect partner, but with a feminist twist, acknowledging her independence and her freedom to choose what she wants.

3. God Is A Dancer (Tiësto & Mabel)

Tiësto, Mabel - God Is A Dancer (Official Video)

Teaming up with Tiësto, Mabel gives us “God Is A Dancer,” a high-energy dance track that not only makes you want to move but also celebrates the power of dance.

2. Mad Love

This track is a vocal showcase for Mabel. “Mad Love” is about seeking real, passionate love, and its catchy hooks make it a pop sensation.

1. Don’t Call Me Up

Mabel - Don't Call Me Up (Official Video)

Undoubtedly one of Mabel’s most popular songs, “Don’t Call Me Up” is an empowering breakup anthem. The song has a universal appeal, speaking to anyone who has decided to move on and put themselves first.

In sum, Mabel’s catalog is a rollercoaster of emotions, moods, and genres. Whether she is collaborating with other artists or stealing the spotlight solo, Mabel proves that she is a versatile and highly capable artist with a lot to say. From soul-stirring ballads to danceable hits, she offers a nuanced look at love, life, and everything in between.