Marilyn Manson, the controversial shock rocker, has built an impressive repertoire over the years. With his provocative image and sharp lyrics, he has garnered both admiration and criticism. But which of Manson’s songs are truly classics? Here’s our top 10 of the best Marilyn Manson songs:

10. The Fight Song

“The Fight Song” is one of those tracks that perfectly captures Manson’s energy and rebellion. With its catchy guitar riffs and combative lyrics, it has become an anthem for many who want to rebel against the establishment. The song, from the “Holy Wood” album, perfectly showcases Manson’s ability to wrap societal criticism in a catchy rock song.

9. The Nobodies

With “The Nobodies,” Manson delves deep into the dark sides of society. The song, which addresses the Columbine High School shooting, is both an indictment of the media and a reflection on alienation in the modern world. Manson’s distinctive voice and the ominous instrumentation make this an unforgettable track.

8. (S)aint

“(S)aint” is one of Manson’s more introspective songs. Here, he explores his own demons and struggles with his identity. The music video, as provocative as you’d expect, adds an extra layer to the song. The combination of electronic elements and Manson’s raw vocals make this a unique piece in his oeuvre.

7. Antichrist Superstar
The title track from the eponymous album is undoubtedly one of Manson’s most iconic songs. “Antichrist Superstar” is a powerful indictment against religion and the establishment, wrapped in a bombastic rock song. The live performances of this song, complete with Manson’s theatrical stage act, are legendary.

6. Tourniquet

With “Tourniquet,” Manson shows a more sensitive side of himself. The song, which addresses loss and self-harm, is one of the more personal tracks in his repertoire. The melancholic melody and the heartbreaking lyrics make this one of Manson’s most touching songs.

5. Disposable Teens

“Disposable Teens” is a perfect example of Manson’s ability to combine societal criticism with hard-hitting rock. The song, which addresses the alienation of youth, is a powerful indictment of modern society. The catchy guitar riffs and Manson’s distinctive voice make this an essential track in his oeuvre.

4. The Dope Show

With “The Dope Show,” Manson comments on the superficiality of the entertainment industry. The song, with its glam rock influences and catchy chorus, is both a critique of Hollywood culture and an ode to outsiders. The accompanying music video, in which Manson portrays an androgynous alien, is as provocative as the song itself.

3. Coma White

“Coma White” is one of Manson’s most melodic and introspective songs. The song, which addresses Manson’s relationship with his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan, reflects on love and loss. The dreamy melody and poetic lyrics make this one of Manson’s most touching songs.

2. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Manson’s cover of the Eurythmics classic is undoubtedly one of his most well-known songs. With his dark interpretation of the track, he has made it entirely his own. The ominous instrumentation and Manson’s raw vocals give a whole new twist to the original.

1. Beautiful People

At number one is “Beautiful People,” the song that put Manson on the map as one of the most provocative artists of his generation. The song, with its unmistakable drumbeat and Manson’s screaming vocals, is a powerful indictment against conformity and superficiality. The accompanying music video, with its dystopian imagery, is as iconic as the song itself.