Michael Kiwanuka is an artist who masterfully blends soul, folk, and R&B into an exquisite mix. Over the years, his emotionally charged lyrics and warm voice have earned him an irreplaceable spot in the music world. But what songs truly shine in his body of work? Here are the top 10 Michael Kiwanuka tracks you should listen to.

10. Hero

“Hero” hails from Kiwanuka’s self-titled album and delivers a potent political statement. Merging classical soul influences with a contemporary twist, it feels both current and timeless. The song serves as a powerful indictment against racism and police brutality, proving that Kiwanuka is not afraid to speak out.

9. Black Man in a White World

The title of this song alone speaks volumes. The track itself strikes a refined balance between hope and sorrow. Michael Kiwanuka utilizes his folk roots to tell a story that feels universally relatable, yet deeply personal.

8. Rest

“Rest” is a subtle, tranquil track that invites listeners to reflect. The acoustic guitars and gentle vocals make it a meditative moment on his “Home Again” album. It showcases Kiwanuka’s versatility, as he can effortlessly deliver a subdued ballad as well as a lively soul track.

7. Solid Ground

This track takes us to a more introspective space. The warm arrangements, coupled with his distinctive voice, make “Solid Ground” one of his most touching compositions. The song’s spirituality has made it a fan-favorite during his live performances.

6. I’m Getting Ready

Coming from his debut album “Home Again,” this song is brimming with optimism and desire. Its catchy melody and heartwarming lyrics strike a chord straight to the heart. “I’m Getting Ready” showcases an early Kiwanuka already poised to take over the music world.

5. Money

“Money” is an upbeat track with a vital message about the dangers of materialism. Together with Tom Misch, Kiwanuka has crafted a song that stands as both a rhythmic and lyrical pinnacle in his discography. The funky beats and solid bass line make it a must-add to any playlist.

4. One More Night

“One More Night” is an uptempo track steeped in soul and sprinkled with a dash of jazz. The brass section turns it into an auditory feast, while Kiwanuka’s voice provides a rich texture that sweeps you away.

3. Love & Hate

The title track from his second album is an epic, sprawling masterpiece that grapples with the complexity of human emotions. The layered composition and depth in “Love & Hate” make it one of the strongest tracks in his arsenal.

2. Home Again

The title track from his debut album is undoubtedly one of his most well-known works. The acoustic elements, mixed with his warm voice, evoke a sense of coming home, just as the title suggests. “Home Again” is a timeless classic that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

1. Cold Little Heart

“Cold Little Heart” could very well be Kiwanuka’s magnum opus. This track, also featured as the opening theme for the popular series “Big Little Lies,” spans over 10 minutes, giving him ample space for emotional depth and musical exploration. It is a masterpiece that truly showcases his versatility as an artist.