Sheryl Crow has established herself as one of the most prominent female rock artists of recent decades. With nine studio albums and countless hit singles, she has built an impressive career. Her music spans rock, pop, and country, covering a broad spectrum of emotions and themes. But which tracks stand as her all-time classics?

10. Home

“Home,” from the 1996 album “Sheryl Crow,” is an emotional song that delves deep into the themes of longing and loss. The subtle instrumentation serves as the perfect backdrop for Crow’s heart-wrenching lyrics, and her unique voice shines beautifully throughout.

9. Hard to Make a Stand

This song exemplifies Crow’s knack for tackling societal issues. “Hard to Make a Stand” explores the struggle of carving out one’s own path in a complex world. The bluesy guitar and uplifting rhythms make it a song that’s both thought-provoking and easy on the ears.

8. My Favourite Mistake

Featuring a light ’60s vibe, “My Favourite Mistake” is a song in which Crow reflects on a failed relationship. The lyrics and Crow’s soulful voice make this a fan favorite. Just like many of her other songs, she manages to address heavy themes in a lighthearted manner through her choice of melody and instrumentation.

7. Sweet Child ‘O Mine

Though originally by Guns N’ Roses, Sheryl Crow made “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” her own. She transformed this iconic rock track into a more subdued, almost ethereal experience without losing the original’s power. The violin plays a significant role in this rendition, adding a fresh twist to the classic tune.

6. Everyday is a Winding Road

This song from the ‘Home’ album is a cheerful, carefree tune. “Everyday is a Winding Road” captures the unpredictable journey that life often is. The track blends rock and pop, showcasing Crow’s versatility as a musician.

5. Strong Enough

In “Strong Enough,” from the “Tuesday Music Club” (1993) album, Crow exposes her vulnerable side. The acoustic accompaniment and candid lyrics about love and insecurity make this a timeless track that remains relevant today.

4. Soak Up the Sun

This song embodies summer and positivity. “Soak Up the Sun,” from the “C’mon, C’mon” (2002) album, is a light-hearted track with a catchy melody that stays in your head for days. It’s the perfect summer anthem.

3. Real Gone

Featured in the film “Cars,” “Real Gone” is an up-tempo song that proves Sheryl Crow is not only capable of crafting emotional ballads but also lively, energetic songs. The guitar and vocals are strong, making it an ideal soundtrack choice.

2. If It Makes You Happy

One of her most well-known songs, “If It Makes You Happy,” offers the ultimate blend of pop and rock. The song boasts compelling lyrics, and Crow’s voice is incredibly expressive. It serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever felt out of place, thus holding a significant place in her body of work.

1. All I Wanna Do

“All I Wanna Do” was Sheryl Crow’s major breakthrough and remains her most iconic song. It captures a sense of freedom and carefreeness, redefining what a pop song can be. It’s no wonder this track tops our list.