Emerging from the heart of Sweden, Tove Lo has established herself as a powerful voice in the realm of pop music. Dubbed the “darkest pop export” by Rolling Stone, she has a knack for melding raw emotions with grunge influences to create impactful pop melodies. Known for her unabashedly honest and deeply personal lyrics, she’s often referred to as “the saddest girl in Sweden.” Here are the top 10 tracks that showcase the depth and dynamism of Tove Lo’s musical journey:

10. Timebomb

A whirlwind of emotions, “Timebomb” paints a picture of the turbulent yet passionate nature of certain relationships.

9. Moments

Celebrating imperfections and embracing individuality, “Moments” is a liberating anthem for all.

8. Out of My Mind

This track captures the fervor and intensity of a mind racing with thoughts and emotions.

7. Not on Drugs

With its catchy beats and assertive lyrics, this song is an ode to the natural high of being in love.

6. Disco Tits

An electrifying dance number, “Disco Tits” showcases Tove Lo’s ability to bring vivacity to her tracks.

5. Talking Body

Sensual and evocative, “Talking Body” is a sultry testament to desire and connection.

4. Say It

A collaboration with Flume, this song is an intricate blend of electronic rhythms and emotive lyrics.

3. Cool Girl

Empowering and rebellious, “Cool Girl” is Tove Lo’s assertion of independence and confidence.

2. Stay High (Hippie Sabotage Remix)

A hauntingly beautiful track, the Hippie Sabotage Remix adds a new layer of depth to the original, making it an instant classic.

1. Habits (Stay High)

Perhaps Tove Lo’s most iconic song, “Habits (Stay High)” speaks to the ways people cope with pain and heartbreak, making it a universal anthem of vulnerability and resilience.