The American rock band Weezer has had an impressive string of hits to their name since their debut in the ’90s. With their signature mix of alternative rock and power pop, they have built a loyal fanbase. But which Weezer songs are truly unforgettable? Here are the top ten Weezer songs:

10. “Hash Pipe”

“Hash Pipe” from the Green Album (2001) is one of those songs that is instantly recognizable by its signature guitar riff. The song has a rough edge and tells a story that is both dark and humorous. The heavy bass line and the sharp vocals of Rivers Cuomo make this an unmistakable Weezer song. The music video, with its colorful and psychedelic images, adds an extra dimension to the song.

9. “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

From their debut album, “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” is a beautiful example of Weezer’s ability to combine sensitive lyrics with catchy melodies. The song is about the feeling of loss and loneliness after a breakup. The subtle guitar lines and Cuomo’s emotional vocals make this a heartbreakingly beautiful song.

8. “Island in the Sun”

With its sunny melody and dreamy lyrics, “Island in the Sun” is the perfect summer song. From the Green Album, this song has a light and airy vibe that instantly puts you in a good mood. The music video, featuring the band members with a variety of exotic animals, adds to the cheerful feel of the song.

7. “My Name is Jonas”

This song, which opens Weezer’s debut album, is a powerful indictment against bureaucracy and injustice. With its solid guitar riffs and captivating vocals, “My Name is Jonas” is a powerful statement and one of the band’s most recognizable songs.

6. “Across the Sea”

“Across the Sea” from the Pinkerton album is an intimate and personal song. It tells the story of a distant love and the pain of distance and longing. The piano intro and Cuomo’s sensitive vocals make this one of Weezer’s most touching songs.

5. “The Sweater Song”

Officially known as “Undone – The Sweater Song”, this song is a perfect example of Weezer’s signature humor and irony. The song, which is about the unraveling of a relationship, is told through the metaphor of a sweater being slowly pulled apart. The background conversations and the catchy guitar riffs make this an unforgettable song.

4. “Buddy Holly”

“Buddy Holly” is perhaps Weezer’s most iconic song. With its infectious melody and the unforgettable music video set in the world of the TV show “Happy Days”, this song is a tribute to ’50s rock ‘n roll.

3. “El Scorcho”

This song from the Pinkerton album is a chaotic and raw expression of desire and confusion. With its whimsical structure and honest lyrics, “El Scorcho” is one of Weezer’s most unique and beloved songs.

2. “Only in Dreams”

“Only in Dreams” is an epic song that closes Weezer’s debut album. The song slowly builds up to an explosive climax, featuring one of the most impressive guitar solos in Weezer’s repertoire. The song is about unattainable love and the power of dreams.

1. “Say It Ain’t So”

At number one is the emotional and powerful “Say It Ain’t So”. The song is about Cuomo’s fears and insecurities regarding his family. The painful honesty of the lyrics, combined with the powerful music, makes this the ultimate Weezer song.