The Bangles, an American pop-rock band that mainly gained fame in the ’80s, have produced a series of hits that prove to be timeless. With their unique blend of melodies and female energy, they remain a staple in music history to this day. But which songs are the absolute classics from these ladies? Here’s our top 10.

10. Walking Down Your Street

One of the many pop gems from The Bangles, “Walking Down Your Street,” comes from their third studio album, ‘Different Light’ (1986). This song is catchy, cheerful, and perfectly in line with the bubblegum pop style of the ’80s. The song theme of hopeless infatuation wandering through the streets has been a recognizable subject for decades.

9. Hero Takes a Fall

“Hero Takes a Fall” was one of the singles from their debut album ‘All Over the Place’ (1984). This song has a clear ’80s vibe and shows that The Bangles had more to offer than just sweet pop melodies. The guitar playing is powerful and the harmonies are particularly catchy. A classic that takes you back to the early days of MTV.

8. Going Down to Liverpool

With “Going Down to Liverpool,” the band created a song that is totally different from the rest of their repertoire. This song is about the hopelessness of youth in Liverpool and is a cover of a song by Katrina and the Waves. The monotonous melody and repetitive lyrics make it a memorable and somewhat somber song in their oeuvre.

7. Be with You

This song, coming from the album ‘Everything’ (1988), shows the more romantic side of The Bangles. “Be with You” has a timeless melody and a chorus that endlessly lingers in your head. Debbi Peterson’s vocals give the song an extra warm feel.

6. If She Knew What She Wants

This song explores the complex terrain of desires and expectations in relationships. “If She Knew What She Wants” is a pop song with depth and strikes a beautiful balance between the lighter and more serious sides of the band.

5. In Your Room

“In Your Room,” a track also found on ‘Everything,’ is a perfect example of how the band blends pop, rock, and a touch of ’60s nostalgia. With its captivating chorus and harmonious vocals, it’s a song that still perfectly captures the feel of the ’80s.

4. Hazy Shade of Winter

This is a cover of a Simon & Garfunkel song, but The Bangles give it a rocking twist. The addition of heavy guitar riffs makes this song an exceptional rendition that even stands up to comparison with the original.

3. Manic Monday

Written by Prince, but made unforgettable by The Bangles. “Manic Monday” is probably one of the most iconic songs of the band, where the Monday morning blues are melodiously addressed. This song was the start of their global breakthrough.

2. Walk Like an Egyptian

This hit caused worldwide Bangles-mania. The unique melody and quirky theme make it one of the most recognizable songs of the ’80s. And who can forget that unforgettable flute melody and the accompanying dance?

1. Eternal Flame

At number 1 is the timeless “Eternal Flame,” a ballad that is still frequently played at weddings and other romantic occasions. Released in 1988, the song showcases the power of Susanna Hoffs’ voice and carries a universal theme of everlasting love.