The songs of The Bloodhound Gang can be described as humorous, obscene, offensive and almost always sexual. Things are often not named literally, but through clever use of metaphors, for example: “You came twice last year like a Sears catalog” or “Love, the kind of which you clean up with a mop and bucket”.

The band’s most famous songs are probably “Fire Water Burn”, “The bad touch” and “The ballad of Chasey Lain”. The latter is a tribute to pornstar Chasey Lain. However, when the band members were asked in the interview if they really were such big fans of Chasey, the answer was clearly NO. They met her, and in real life she was disappointing, she was hairier than the band members, and dumber than a table!

1. The bad touch

2. Fire Water burn

3. The ballad of Chasey Lain

4. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (F.U.C.K.)

5. Why’s everybody always pickin ‘on me

6. Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss

7. I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks

8. Mope

9. Balls Out

10. You’re Pretty When I’m Drunk