lan Walker, the Norwegian-British DJ and record producer, is an exemplar of the self-taught musician. Using YouTube as his guide, Walker was uploading tracks to Soundcloud by the age of 15. His breakout came in 2014 with the track “Fade,” which was re-released as “Faded” in 2015 after gaining a record deal. Recognizable by his hoodie and face mask, Walker has become a prominent name in the electronic music scene.

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 best Alan Walker songs:

10. Diamond Heart

“Diamond Heart” is a song that showcases Walker’s unique blend of house and electro-pop. With its compelling vocals and immersive drop, this track is a must-listen for anyone interested in modern electronic music.

9. Lost Control

This song features a collaboration with Sorana, highlighting the darker, more emotive side of Walker’s music. It’s a track that delves deep into themes of loss and control, resonating with many of his fans.

8. Lily

“Lily” is a captivating story set to music. Its narrative lyrics combined with Walker’s trademark electronic beats make it a standout track that takes listeners on a sonic journey.

7. On My Way

A collaboration with Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko, “On My Way” demonstrates Walker’s global appeal and his skill at merging various musical influences into one cohesive sound.

6. Sing Me to Sleep

This track combines Walker’s signature electronic music style with soothing lyrics and melodies, creating a lullaby for the digital age.

5. The Spectre

A rework of his earlier instrumental track “Spectre,” this song adds vocals to create a fuller, more resonant sound. It’s Alan Walker in quintessential form: emotional, expansive, and endlessly listenable.

4. Alone

“Alone” is a tribute to loneliness and independence, blending resonant vocals with Walker’s distinctive, upbeat electronic style.

3. All Falls Down

Featuring Noah Cyrus and Digital Farm Animals, “All Falls Down” is a multi-layered track that showcases Walker’s adeptness at collaborative works, adding an extra layer of complexity to his already intricate productions.

2. Darkside

“Darkside” taps into the more dramatic aspects of Walker’s production capabilities. With compelling vocals and a strong narrative drive, it’s a track that keeps listeners on the edge of their seat.

1. Faded

The song that catapulted him to international fame, “Faded” is a haunting yet beautiful track. Its melancholic melody and relatable lyrics have made it a global anthem, affirming Walker’s status as one of the most exciting talents in electronic music today.

Each of these tracks encapsulates a different facet of Alan Walker’s diverse skill set, offering a comprehensive look at an artist who has rapidly ascended the ranks of the music industry.