The Icelandic singer Björk is renowned for her eclectic musical style that draws influences from an array of genres, including electronic, trip-hop, alternative rock, and classical music. Her work often ventures into experimental and avant-garde territories, featuring unconventional structures and daring, innovative production techniques.

Björk’s lyrics commonly focus on themes of love, sexuality, nature, and spirituality. Her powerful, expressive vocals are a defining element of her music. Her songs strike a balance between the personal and introspective, and the universal and accessible, thus garnering a global following.

Here are some of Björk’s best songs:

10. ‘Stonemilker’

‘Stonemilker’ is a poignant track from Björk’s album “Vulnicura,” which depicts the beginning of the end of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney. Vulnerable lyrics and beautiful string arrangements give this song a sense of loss and longing.

9. ‘Venus as a Boy’

‘Venus as a Boy’ explores themes of sensuality and romance. Its enchanting melody and exotic instrumentation make it a standout in her catalog.

8. ‘Army of Me’

With its heavy industrial beat and assertive, defiant lyrics, ‘Army of Me’ serves as a powerful expression of self-confidence and independence.

7. ‘Human Behaviour’

‘Human Behaviour’ is the track that established Björk as a solo artist. Its quirky lyrics, eclectic sampling, and catchy melody make it a classic.

6. ‘All is Full of Love’

This song serves as the closer for the album ‘Homogenic’. It’s a beautiful, serene ballad that touches the listener with its message of love and hope.

5. ‘Bachelorette’

Also featured on ‘Homogenic,’ ‘Bachelorette’ exemplifies Björk’s unique, groundbreaking approach to music. It blends orchestral arrangements with electronic beats in a way that only she can.

4. ‘Pagan Poetry’

From the album ‘Vespertine,’ this track stands as one of Björk’s most personal and emotionally raw pieces. Her heartfelt lyrics and ethereal melody make ‘Pagan Poetry’ a deeply moving listening experience.

3. ‘Jóga’

‘Jóga’ is an homage to Iceland, Björk’s homeland. The music reflects the rugged, natural beauty of the landscape, while her emotive vocals express deep affection and connection.

2. ‘Hyperballad’

‘Hyperballad’ is an introspective track that takes the listener on an emotional journey. The blend of organic and electronic sounds perfectly illustrates Björk’s ability to transcend musical boundaries.

1. ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’

What some might not know is that ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ is a cover of a 1951 song by Betty Hutton. Although it’s one of Björk’s most commercially successful songs, it holds a somewhat complicated relationship with her fan base. While the track highlights her unique vocal performances and theatrical production, some fans feel it is not fully representative of Björk’s extensive and experimental body of work.