Clean Bandit has been captivating audiences worldwide with their unique blend of classical and modern music since their formation. The band collaborates frequently with popular artists, creating chart-topping hits that are both energetic and emotionally resonant. Here are their top 10 songs, featuring everything from explosive dance tracks to more introspective numbers.

10. Extraordinary

“Extraordinary” shows Clean Bandit’s ability to weave classical elements into modern, upbeat songs. It’s a lively tune that sets the tone for their musical versatility.

9. Mama (ft. Ellie Goulding)

“Mama” is a collaboration with Ellie Goulding that explores the complexities of relationships. It masterfully mixes Goulding’s unique vocals with Clean Bandit’s signature electronic sound.

8. I Miss You (ft Julia Michaels)

“I Miss You” delves into the emotional side of the band’s music. Featuring Julia Michaels, the song explores the intricacies of longing and the struggle to move on.

7. Tears (ft Louisa Johnson)

“Tears” is an emotional rollercoaster, equipped with Louisa Johnson’s powerful vocals. The track combines electronic beats with string instruments, adding layers to its emotive narrative.

6. Mozart’s House

“Mozart’s House” is a nod to the band’s classical influences. It showcases their musical range, blending Mozart’s compositions with contemporary electronic music in a seamless manner.

5. Baby (ft. Marina & Luis Fonsi)

The collaboration with Marina and Luis Fonsi adds a Latin flavor to Clean Bandit’s repertoire. “Baby” is a catchy song that explores love and longing, showcasing the band’s musical diversity.

4. Solo (ft. Demi Lovato

In “Solo,” the band teams up with Demi Lovato for a song that is both introspective and danceable. It blends Lovato’s strong vocals with an energetic beat, creating a memorable anthem about self-empowerment.

3. Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)

“Rather Be” is one of Clean Bandit’s most iconic tracks. Featuring Jess Glynne, this feel-good hit combines an infectious melody with a message about finding one’s true home in another person.

2. Symphony (ft Zara Larsson)

Symphony is an emotional track that pairs the band’s classical music leanings with Zara Larsson’s powerful voice. It’s a song about finding harmony in love, and it has become one of their most streamed tracks.

1. Rockabye

Sitting at the number one spot is “Rockabye,” a song that tackles the topic of single motherhood in a poignant yet uplifting way. It’s a powerful narrative set to a catchy beat, embodying the band’s knack for creating songs that resonate on multiple levels.
So there you have it: the top 10 songs by Clean Bandit that exemplify their versatility and talent. From emotional narratives to danceable anthems, the band has a wide range of songs that cater to varied musical tastes.