Suzi Quatro, born Susan Kay Quatro, emerged as a unique icon of rock music in the 1970s. Hailing from Detroit, Quatro was one of the first female bass players to become a major rock star, breaking barriers for women in rock and roll. Despite her American roots, Quatro enjoyed most of her chart-topping success in Europe and Australia. Her songs like “Can the Can” and “Devil Gate Drive” were massive hits in the United Kingdom, but she wasn’t limited to just music; Quatro’s role as Leather Tuscadero in the TV show “Happy Days” exposed her to a broader American audience.

10. Keep a Knockin’

This track is a rock ‘n’ roll classic, revisited by Quatro with infectious energy. The song offers an electrifying experience and serves as a tribute to rock ‘n’ roll legends like Little Richard.

9. Your Mama Won’t Like Me

This song combines rock and funk influences to create a unique and catchy tune. The track exudes a sense of youthful rebellion and an independent spirit, both of which are defining characteristics of Quatro’s music.

8. Daytona Demon

Packed with a blistering guitar riff and Quatro’s own gritty vocal performance, “Daytona Demon” feels like a carefree ride on a sunny afternoon but comes with an edgy undertone.

7. 48 Crash

This song delves into the complexities of adolescence, delivering it through powerful music. The catchy chorus and hard-driving guitar make it one of her most memorable tracks.

6. The Wild One

With its catchy tune and empowering lyrics, “The Wild One” is a timeless anthem for independence and individuality. Quatro’s vocal performance perfectly captures the essence of youthful rebellion.

5. She’s in Love with You
This song shows a different side of Quatro, leaning more into pop-rock territory. Yet, the song retains her characteristic energy, making it another solid entry in her discography.

4. Devil Gate Drive

This track is a lively and engaging number that captures the very essence of 1970s glam rock. Its irresistible chorus and rhythm make it impossible not to dance along.

3. Can the Can
A #1 hit in the UK, this song is one of Quatro’s signature tracks. Featuring a unique blend of glam rock and hard rock, the song is symbolic of her groundbreaking style.

2. If You Can’t Give Me Love
Showing Quatro’s softer side, this track is a change of pace from her harder rock songs. The mellower tune and heartfelt lyrics reveal her versatility as an artist.

1. Stumblin’ In
This duet with Smokie’s Chris Norman was a commercial success, reaching No. 4 in the US charts. Its soft-rock sensibilities and romantic lyrics made it a favorite among audiences worldwide.
Suzi Quatro’s career has been one of versatility and resilience, breaking barriers for female artists in rock music. With a variety of hits spanning rock, glam, and pop, she has proven her staying power in an ever-changing industry. Whether she’s the wild one, the Daytona demon, or the rocker your mama won’t like, Quatro remains an indelible part of rock history.