Becky G is a force to be reckoned with in both the Latin and global music scenes. Born as Rebbeca Marie Gomez, this American singer, songwriter, and actress has been making waves ever since she stepped into the limelight. From her early days covering popular songs on YouTube to her current status as a multi-platinum artist, Becky G’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With her vibrant personality and diverse musical talents, she’s a cultural icon for the younger generation.

Her discography is an eclectic mix of genres, seamlessly blending elements of pop, reggaeton, hip-hop, and Latin music. Whether singing about love, empowerment, or social issues, Becky G strikes a chord with her relatable lyrics and infectious beats. In this rundown, we explore some of her standout tracks that exemplify her unique style and indomitable spirit.

Now, let’s dive into a curated list of her top 10 songs, each capturing a different facet of her dynamic career.

13. Becky from The Block

“Becky from The Block” serves as a nod to Jennifer Lopez’s iconic “Jenny from the Block.” The song emphasizes Becky G’s roots and the experiences that shaped her, effectively blending nostalgia with her youthful spirit.

12. Break a Sweat

“Break a Sweat” is a catchy, upbeat tune that makes for a great workout or party soundtrack. The song exudes confidence and empowers listeners to feel the same way, showcasing Becky G’s knack for creating infectious beats.

11. Can’t Stop Dancin’

As the title suggests, “Can’t Stop Dancin'” is a groovy track that captures the essence of letting loose and enjoying life. Its pulsating rhythms and energetic chorus make it hard to sit still while listening.

10. Arranca


“DOLLAR” delves into the topic of self-worth and materialism. The bilingual song blends Latin and pop elements, making it an appealing tune for a broad range of listeners. It’s a showcase of Becky G’s versatility as an artist.

8. Sola

“Sola” explores the theme of independence, especially in the context of relationships. The song’s emotive lyrics and delivery show a more vulnerable side of Becky G, backed by a contemporary Reggaeton beat.

7. Chanel

6. Mala Santa

5. La Respuesta

In “La Respuesta,” Becky G collaborates with Maluma to bring a catchy tune that discusses modern relationships and gender roles. The song, delivered in Spanish, reflects Becky G’s ability to cross language barriers while connecting with fans.

4. Shower

“Shower” was a commercial success that helped catapult Becky G to international stardom. With its bubblegum pop vibe and catchy lyrics, it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt love-struck.

3. Cuando Te Besé

“Cuando Te Besé” features a smooth reggaeton beat and sultry lyrics that explore the magic and mystique of a first kiss. The song captures the feelings of love and lust, making it a favorite for romantic playlists.

2. Sin Pijama

“Sin Pijama” is a collaboration with Natti Natasha, and the song’s playful lyrics and sultry tone make it a female empowerment anthem. The track was a commercial and critical success, reaffirming Becky G as a major player in the Latin music scene.

1. Mayores

“Mayores” features Bad Bunny and became a massive hit upon its release. The song explores the attractions of dating someone older, breaking away from traditional norms. Its controversial theme and catchy rhythm have made it one of Becky G’s most iconic songs.

Becky G has proven herself to be a versatile artist capable of traversing genres, languages, and themes. Whether it’s pop, reggaeton, or any other style, her music captures the spirit of the youth while resonating with a broader audience. With hits ranging from romantic ballads to anthems of self-empowerment, Becky G continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.