Colombian singer Karol G has quickly become one of the biggest stars in the reggaeton scene. And that is special for a woman for a music stream that is dominated by men. At a young age, Karol G participated in the Colombian version of The X Factor. Her breakthrough came in 2017 with the single Ahora Me Llama, a collaboration with Bad Bunny. In 2018 she scored a big hit with Anuel AA with “Secreto”, in which they confirmed their relationship in the music video. In 2019, the collaboration between Karol G and some of the biggest reggaeton stars (Anuel AA, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, & Ozuna) became a huge hit. The song “China” got more than 1 billion views on Youtube. In the same year she scored with Nicki Minaj her biggest international hit to date “tusa”.

10. Ocean

“Ocean” from her album of the same name is a departure from the heavier reggaeton beats Karol G usually produces. The song is a soulful ballad that reflects on love and intimacy. Its mellow tones and poetic lyrics show a softer side of Karol G, making it a sentimental favorite among fans.

9. Créeme (with Maluma)

This collaboration with Colombian superstar Maluma showcases Karol G’s vocal versatility. “Créeme” is a blend of reggaeton and Latin pop, a heart-wrenching song about love and betrayal. It resonated well with fans and has become one of the go-to break-up songs in the Latin music scene.


“BICHOTA” is an empowerment anthem where Karol G establishes herself as a dominant force in the reggaeton world. The song’s infectious beat and assertive lyrics make it a fan-favorite, especially among women, and a staple in clubs across the globe.

7. Ahora Me Llama (with Bad Bunny)

This was the song that catapulted Karol G to fame, especially when remixed with Puerto Rican sensation Bad Bunny. “Ahora Me Llama” is a reggaeton hit with a compelling rhythm that explores the complexities of romantic relationships. It was a commercial success and remains a significant song in both artists’ careers.

6. Mi Cama

“Mi Cama” is a sultry and catchy song that puts Karol G’s unique vocal talents on full display. The beat is irresistibly danceable, and the song’s message of independence and self-assuredness has made it an anthem for many of her fans.

5. Culpables (with Anuel AA)

In this collaboration with Anuel AA, “Culpables” explores the intricacies of a forbidden love affair. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, both vocally and in the music video, making it one of Karol G’s most celebrated songs.

4. Secreto (with Anuel AA)

“Secreto” is not just a song but a public acknowledgment of Karol G’s relationship with Anuel AA. The song is a harmonious blend of their respective styles, and its romantic, autobiographical lyrics struck a chord with fans.

3. Ay, DiOs Mío!

“Ay, DiOs Mío!” is a playful and upbeat track that shows off Karol G’s versatility as an artist. Its catchy hook and relatable lyrics about love and longing make it an easy favorite among fans and critics alike.

2. China (with Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna & J Balvin)

“China” is a mega-collaboration and one of the most ambitious projects Karol G has been a part of. With over a billion views on YouTube, this reggaeton track blends various styles and high-profile features to create a musical juggernaut.

1. Tusa (with Nicki Minaj)

“Tusa” is Karol G’s biggest international hit to date, made in collaboration with American rapper Nicki Minaj. This song about post-breakup feelings combines rap and reggaeton elements seamlessly. It’s a global sensation and firmly establishes Karol G’s place in music history, crossing boundaries and breaking records.