Natti Natasha is a singer born in the Dominican Republic. In 2012 she recorded her first music. However, her big breakthrough had to wait until 2017, when she released the song” Criminal” together with Ozuna. Criminal became the most viewed music video of 2017 on YouTube. In 2018, Natti Natasha scored her second major hit, “Sin Pijama”, together with Becky G. In 2019 Natti Natasha released her first album called “Illuminatti”.

10. No Voy a Llorar

9. Me Gusta

8. Oh Daddy

7. Tonta (met Rkm & Ken-Y )

6. La Mejor Versión De Mi

5. Quien Sabe

4. Amantes de Una Noche (met Bad Bunny)

3. No Me Acuerdo (met Thaliá)

2. Sin Pijama (met Becky G)

1. Criminal (met Ozuna)