Natti Natasha is a singer born in the Dominican Republic. In 2012 she recorded her first music. However, her big breakthrough had to wait until 2017, when she released the song” Criminal” together with Ozuna. Criminal became the most viewed music video of 2017 on YouTube. In 2018, Natti Natasha scored her second major hit, “Sin Pijama”, together with Becky G. In 2019 Natti Natasha released her first album called “Illuminatti”.

10. No Voy a Llorar

“No Voy a Llorar” showcases Natti Natasha’s raw emotion in a song that’s as vulnerable as it is powerful. The melody and lyrics form a poignant narrative of independence and self-respect, themes that resonate deeply with her audience. The song serves as an anthem for anyone who has faced emotional hardship but refuses to give in to despair.

9. Me Gusta

Natti Natasha proves she can masterfully balance sentiment and sensuality in “Me Gusta.” With its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, the song has become a favorite among fans. It’s an irresistible ode to attraction and the complexities of love.

8. Oh Daddy

This song offers a playful twist to the traditional love song format. With its infectious beat and captivating lyrics, “Oh Daddy” displays Natti’s ability to infuse her music with flirtatious charm and tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s a track that’s both fun and empowering, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

7. Tonta (with Rkm & Ken-Y)

Teaming up with Rkm & Ken-Y, “Tonta” blends reggaeton rhythms with heartfelt lyrics to tell a story of love gone awry. The chemistry between the artists is palpable, and their distinct musical styles merge effortlessly, creating a song that speaks to the complications of romance.

6. La Mejor Versión De Mi

“La Mejor Versión De Mi” is a deeply emotional ballad that allows Natti Natasha to showcase her vocal prowess. It’s a self-reflective anthem about personal growth and self-discovery. With its meaningful lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, this song touches upon the theme of transformation, making it one of her most compelling works.

5. Quien Sabe

In “Quien Sabe,” Natti takes on a more traditional Latin ballad style, displaying her versatility as an artist. The song captures the agony and ecstasy of love, underpinned by her soulful vocals. It’s a tune that many can relate to, as it ponders the ‘what-ifs’ and uncertainties that often accompany relationships.

4. Amantes de Una Noche (with Bad Bunny)

Collaborating with Bad Bunny, Natti Natasha crafts a steamy and hypnotic tune that captures the magic and impermanence of a one-night stand. The song has become a club favorite, known for its catchy beat and sultry lyrics, highlighting both artists’ ability to turn up the heat.

3. No Me Acuerdo (with Thalía)

In this vibrant collaboration with Thalía, Natti Natasha creates a high-energy track that’s perfect for dancing the night away. The chemistry between the two divas is undeniable, and “No Me Acuerdo” has become a staple in playlists aimed at getting the party started.

2. Sin Pijama (with Becky G)

One of her most famous collaborations, “Sin Pijama” with Becky G is a female empowerment anthem wrapped in a sultry melody. The song became a massive hit, celebrated for its unabashed embrace of femininity and freedom. Its catchy tune and empowering message make it one of Natti Natasha’s standout tracks.

1. Criminal (with Ozuna)

“Criminal” is perhaps Natti Natasha’s most iconic song, a collaboration with Ozuna that took the music world by storm. The song masterfully combines reggaeton and trap elements, creating a sultry, seductive atmosphere. Its hypnotic beat and memorable lyrics made it a chart-topping success, solidifying Natti Natasha’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music scene.