Enya is a renowned Irish singer, songwriter, and musician, known for her ethereal voice and new age sound that blends elements of classical, Celtic, and folk music. With a career spanning decades, she has become synonymous with tranquility and introspection. Here’s a top 10 list celebrating some of Enya’s most iconic songs.

10. Echoes in Rain

“Echoes in Rain” is a euphoric ode to the journey home, a theme frequently revisited in Enya’s work. The song serves as the lead single from her 2015 album “Dark Sky Island” and is celebrated for its ascending melody and cascading vocals that elevate the listener to new emotional heights. Enya’s signature layered harmonies are on full display here, creating a sense of depth and complexity. The song’s arrangement is lush yet precisely orchestrated, featuring a chorus that inspires with its triumphant tone. Like many of Enya’s compositions, “Echoes in Rain” feels like a spiritual voyage, its ebbs and flows mirroring the complexities of life itself. Whether taken as an ode to the simplicity of the journey or a deeper exploration of homecoming in a spiritual sense, the track resonates on multiple levels, confirming Enya’s place as a masterful musical storyteller.

9. Wild Child

“Wild Child” captures the essence of youthful curiosity and wonder. The song is like a breath of fresh air, encapsulating the spirit of a carefree, wandering soul. With uplifting melodies and lyrics that evoke a sense of liberation, it’s no surprise that this song has resonated with fans of all ages.

8. Book of Days

Used in the movie “Far and Away,” “Book of Days” takes listeners on a journey through time and space. It offers a cinematic experience, creating vistas of ancient landscapes and future possibilities. It’s a testament to Enya’s capability to craft songs that feel both timeless and expansive.

7. Anywhere Is

This track is a perfect blend of Enya’s ethereal voice and the engaging melody that hints at the mysteries of life and the universe. “Anywhere Is” gives the listener a sense of boundless possibilities, making it a standout track in her discography.

6. So I Could Find My Way

This track stands as a profound reflection on the journey of life and the yearning for guidance. With its hauntingly beautiful piano arrangement and evocative lyrics, “So I Could Find My Way” is a memorable offering that touches the very core of the listener’s soul, inviting them into a world of introspective pondering.

5. Amarantine

The title track from her 2005 album, “Amarantine” is a song about everlasting love. It offers the listener a comforting, almost meditative experience. Enya’s gentle voice seems to float on top of a cushion of harmonious soundscapes, making it a staple in her romantic song collection.

4. The Hummning

“The Humming” is yet another extraordinary example of Enya’s ability to infuse her songs with a mystical quality. As the title suggests, the song is imbued with a humming backdrop that mimics the sounds of nature, offering an aural interpretation of the humming energy that underpins all life. The song envelops the listener in its complex tapestry of sounds, serving as a meditative, spiritual experience.

3. Caribbean Blue

“Caribbean Blue” is a mesmerizing blend of soothing melodies and nature-inspired instrumentals. The song evokes images of serene oceanic expanses and starry nights, capturing the essence of natural beauty and wonder.

2. Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)

One of Enya’s most commercially successful songs, “Orinoco Flow” is often the track that comes to mind when people think of her. With its catchy “Sail Away” refrain, the song is an invitation to embark on a dreamy, around-the-world voyage.

1. Only Time

Possibly one of her most recognized songs, “Only Time” gained renewed attention as a reflective anthem after the events of 9/11. Its poetic lyrics and haunting melody make it a go-to track for moments that require introspection or healing.