British Michael David Rosenberg, better known as “Passenger”, will forever be known as the singer of the song “Let her go”. One of the biggest hits of the last decade. But the folk and indie pop singer has a lot more to offer than that one song Passenger already made nine albums. We have listed the 10 most beautiful Passenger songs.

10. Hell or High Water

“Hell or High Water” is an introspective song that explores the concept of unconditional love and the challenges that come with it. Passenger’s signature storytelling is on full display here, using vivid lyrical imagery to delve deep into the emotional complexities of relationships.

9. Shape of Love

In “Shape of Love,” Passenger touches on the malleability of love and how it adapts over time. With its poetic lyrics and mellow acoustic arrangements, the song serves as a reflective ode to the multifaceted nature of affection.

8. What You’re Thinking

“What You’re Thinking” is a poignant song about the uncertainties and second-guessing that often accompany the end of a relationship. The emotional tension is palpable, and the song captures the sense of longing and confusion perfectly.

7. Anywhere

“Anywhere” is an uplifting track that exudes a sense of wanderlust. It encapsulates the freedom of hitting the road and the joy of unplanned adventures. The cheerful tone and light instrumentals make it an anthem for anyone with a restless spirit.

6. Simple Song

“Simple Song” lives up to its name, employing straightforward lyrics and uncomplicated melodies to create an impactful message. The song is a reminder of the beauty in life’s simple moments, encouraging us to appreciate what we have.

5. And I Love Her

In “And I Love Her,” Passenger covers The Beatles classic with a unique flair. The song retains the romance of the original while adding Passenger’s own unique touch of melancholy and intimacy, serving as an exemplary showcase of his interpretive talents.

4. Heart’s On Fire

“Heart’s On Fire” is a love ballad that speaks to the desperation and yearning that can accompany unrequited love. The song resonates because of its emotional depth, accentuated by Passenger’s raw vocal delivery.

3. The Wrong Direction

In “The Wrong Direction,” Passenger explores the theme of lost opportunities and misguided life choices with a tinge of humor. Despite its light-hearted melody, the song packs an emotional punch, particularly for those who can relate to the experience of taking the proverbial “wrong turn.”

2. Holes

“Holes” is about facing life’s difficulties and challenges head-on. With its catchy tune and thoughtful lyrics, it serves as an anthem for resilience and the human spirit.

1. Let Her Go

“Let Her Go” is arguably Passenger’s most iconic song, gaining worldwide fame for its poignant storytelling and memorable hook. The song’s message of appreciating what you have only after it’s gone has struck a chord with millions, making it an enduring classic.

Passenger has a knack for combining compelling storytelling with rich melodies to create songs that touch the heart. Whether it’s exploring the complexities of love, the uncertainties of life, or the simple joy of existing, each song serves as a chapter in a larger narrative that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.