Sabrina Salerno, the Italian pop sensation, has been captivating audiences for decades with her danceable tunes, unforgettable music videos, and powerful vocals. Known for her sultry image and catchy hooks, Sabrina’s music is an electric mix of pop, dance, and European influences. Here’s a list of her top 10 songs that highlight her talent and contribution to the world of music.

10. Call Me vs. Samantha Fox

In this collaborative effort with British pop singer Samantha Fox, Sabrina Salerno delivers a high-energy rendition of Blondie’s classic “Call Me.” The song showcases the powerful vocals of both singers, making it a modern-day anthem for empowered women everywhere.

9. Erase/Rewind

A distinct departure from her typical dance-pop tunes, “Erase/Rewind” offers a more introspective look into Sabrina’s world. The song’s lyrical content is more nuanced, and the stripped-down production allows her voice to shine.

8. Yeah Yeah

A foot-tapping number that brings you straight to the dance floor, “Yeah Yeah” embodies Sabrina’s capability to craft infectious pop melodies. It’s a great example of how she infuses European flair into her music, making it universally appealing.

7. Born to be Alive

This rendition of Patrick Hernandez’s disco hit “Born to be Alive” is given a fresh spin by Sabrina. Her energetic vocals and modernized beats make it a go-to track for anyone in need of an uplift.

6. Sexy Girl

As the title suggests, “Sexy Girl” is a celebration of feminine allure and independence. Sabrina’s strong vocals glide smoothly over a synth-driven beat, resulting in a catchy, empowering anthem.

5. Siamo Donne

In “Siamo Donne,” Sabrina joins forces with Italian singer Jo Squillo for a tune that’s all about sisterhood and female empowerment. The song’s lively melody and strong message make it an enduring classic.

4. All of Me

A perfect blend of pop and European dance music, “All of Me” features some of Sabrina’s most emotive vocals. The song is a romantic ode, demonstrating her range both as a vocalist and a songwriter.

3. Angel Boy

One of her more ethereal tracks, “Angel Boy” stands out for its poetic lyrics and dreamy production. Sabrina’s voice takes on a softer, more evocative tone, making this track a standout in her discography.

2. Hot Girl

Sultry and infectious, “Hot Girl” is a dance-floor magnet. With its catchy chorus and pulsating beats, the song perfectly encapsulates the essence of Sabrina’s glamorous image and vocal prowess.

1. Boys

Arguably Sabrina Salerno’s most iconic song, “Boys” took the world by storm upon its release. A combination of a memorable melody, provocative lyrics, and a highly entertaining music video helped propel Sabrina to international stardom. The song remains a cornerstone of ’80s pop culture and continues to be celebrated today.
Sabrina Salerno has created a legacy that transcends time and musical trends. Her top 10 songs offer a glimpse into her versatility as an artist, proving why she remains a beloved figure in the global pop and dance music scene.