Mexican Thaliá is one of the most successful Latin American singers in the world. She has already sold more than 50 million records worldwide. She is called the “Queen of Latin Pop”. Time to see what the best songs are from Thaliá. There is plenty to choose from, her impressive career has been going on for three decades now!

10. Arrasando

Arrasando is a vibrant track that showcases Thalía’s ability to mix Latin rhythms with a pop sensibility. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it a dancefloor staple and a testament to Thalía’s lasting impact on Latin pop.

9. Como Tu No Hay Dos

As the title “Como Tu No Hay Dos” suggests, which translates to “There is No One Like You,” this song is a tribute to unique love. The infectious beat and Thalía’s emotional vocals make it an unforgettable romantic anthem.

8. Sangre
“Sangre” is a powerful song that taps into raw emotions and the complexities of human relationships. Thalía’s captivating voice, combined with intense instrumental backing, make this track a poignant listen.

7. Poquita Fe

A soulful rendition, “Poquita Fe” showcases Thalía’s versatility as an artist. The song delves into the themes of lost hope and faith but also offers a glimmer of optimism through its melody and Thalía’s emotive singing.

6. Desde Esa Noche

“Desde Esa Noche” is an evocative tune that explores the emotions felt from one fateful night onward. It’s a modern track with urban and reggaeton influences, showing Thalía’s ability to adapt and evolve in the music landscape.

5. Marimar

A song that became synonymous with her telenovela of the same name, “Marimar” is a pop classic that tells the story of a naive girl evolving into a strong woman. Its melodramatic tones perfectly complement the TV show’s storyline.

4. Gracias a Dios

An uplifting song of gratitude, “Gracias a Dios” (Thanks to God) is infused with joyful rhythms and an irresistible charm. It’s a song that embodies positivity and the idea of being thankful for life’s blessings.

3. Amor a la Mexicana

A quintessential track for Thalía, “Amor a la Mexicana” is an ode to passionate, Mexican-style love. The song blends traditional elements with modern pop, creating an infectious melody that has made it one of her signature tunes.

2. Piel Morena

A breakout hit for Thalía, “Piel Morena” celebrates love and desire, set against a sultry, tropical backdrop. The song’s exotic vibes and Thalía’s sensual vocals made it a standout track that has stood the test of time.

1. Mujer Latina

Topping the list is “Mujer Latina,” an empowering anthem that celebrates Latina women. The song is a mix of Latin pop and salsa influences, and it serves as a declaration of pride for Latinas everywhere. Thalía’s spirited vocals and the song’s vibrant instrumentation make it a timeless classic.