Golden Earring (until 1969 The Golden Earrings) is a Dutch rock band. The group was founded in 1961 and is (together with the band Bintangs, which was also founded in 1961) the oldest still existing rock band in the Netherlands and one of the longest existing bands in the world. Golden Earring has had international success with their hits Radar Love, Twilight Zone and When the Lady Smiles, and their albums Moontan and Cut.

15. Hold me now

14. That day

13. Buddy Joe

12. Bombay

11. Weekend love

10. Sound of the screaming day

9. I’ve just lost somebody

8. Back home

7. She flies on strange wings

6. Just a little bit of peace in my heart

5. Going to the run

4. Twilight zone

3. Another 45 miles

2. When the lady smiles

1. Radar love