Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band from California. The band was founded in 1994 while the band members were still in high school. They were called Kara’s Flowers. They released two albums from “We Like Digging?” and “The Fourth World”. The last album received a lukewarm response, after which the record label dropped the band and the members concentrated on the university.
In 2001 the band reappeared as Maroon 5. Their debut album Songs About Jane was released in 2002 with the lead single, “Harder to Breathe”. Both were a great success, they even won a Grammy Award for best new artist in 2005.
The second album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long was released in May 2007. It debuted at number one on the American Billboard 200 hit list and the first single “Makes Me Wonder” became the bands first number one on the Billboard Hot 100.
In the meantime, a few years later, Maroon 5 still scores very well in the charts. They have sold more than 120 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling music artists.


Released in 2007, “Makes Me Wonder” is a mix of pop and funk and is characterized by its dynamic sound. This song was the first single from their second album “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”. The song is about both personal relationships and frustrations with the political situation at the time.


“Misery”, released in 2010, is characterized by its lively melody and spicy lyrics. The song is about the struggles in a love relationship and the pain that love sometimes brings. The energetic beat and catchy melody make this song a favorite among fans.


“Payphone”, released in 2012, is a collaboration with rapper Wiz Khalifa. This song tells the story of a failed relationship and the desire to return to simpler times. The combination of Levine’s signature voice and Khalifa’s rap makes this song unique and memorable.


“Sugar” was released in 2015 and became known for its energetic rhythm and catchy chorus. The music video, in which the band unexpectedly appears at weddings, became an internet sensation. The song mixes pop and disco styles and is an ode to the sweet side of love.


“Sunday Morning” combines elements of jazz and soul, creating a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. This song, released in 2004, is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning and is known for its light and airy melody. The lyrics are about cherishing simple moments with a loved one.


“She Will Be Loved” is one of Maroon 5’s most beloved ballads, released in 2004. The song tells the story of a complex love triangle and is characterized by its tender melody and sensitive lyrics. The success of this song contributed to the popularity of their debut album “Songs About Jane”.


In collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5 released “Moves Like Jagger” in 2011. This song, with an infectious beat and flirty lyrics, is a tribute to the legendary moves of Mick Jagger. The music video also features footage of Jagger himself.


“Daylight” is an emotional song about having to leave a loved one when the day breaks. Released in 2012, this song is known for its catchy melody and heart-wrenching lyrics. The song reflects the pain and longing of a fleeting romance.


“This Love”, one of Maroon 5’s most iconic songs, was released in 2004. The song, known for its catchy piano intro and lively rhythm, is about the ups and downs in a relationship. The lyrics are based on the personal experience of lead singer Adam Levine and his relationship problems. “This Love” won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.


“Memories” is a heartwarming ode to lost loved ones and past memories. This song, released in 2019, stands out for its melancholic melody and profound lyrics. The song is inspired by the melody of “Pachelbel’s Canon” and has touched the hearts of many fans worldwide. The song is also a tribute to Maroon 5’s late manager, Jordan Feldstein.