Top 8 Best Madison Beer Songs

madison beer songs

Sometimes a “tweet” is enough to kickstart a music career. Especially if this tweet is from Justin Bieber. It happened to Madison Beer. She was only 13 years old when she put videos on her YouTube channel. The video below in which she sings “At Last” by Etta James was shared on Twitter by Biebs in 2012.

Shortly after the tweet, she signed a contract with Island Def Jam and started to release her own singles. Her first single was Melodies in 2013. Justin Bieber makes a short appearance in the musicvideo.

Meanwhile, it is 6 years later and Madison Beer is still waiting for her big super hit. But she already has quite a few nice songs to her name. Time for a top list:

8. Say It To My Face

7. Deer Society

6. Unbreakable

5. Home with you

4. All For Love

3. Dead

2. Melodies

1. Hurts Like Hell