Sometimes a “tweet” is enough to kickstart a music career. Especially if this tweet is from Justin Bieber. It happened to Madison Beer. She was only 13 years old when she put videos on her YouTube channel. The video below in which she sings “At Last” by Etta James was shared on Twitter by Biebs in 2012.

10. Home with You

Featured on her debut EP “As She Pleases,” “Home with You” showcases Beer’s vocal prowess and ability to deliver a catchy hook.

9. Baby

A sultry track, “Baby” further solidifies Madison Beer’s foothold in the pop music scene. Its smooth production complements her emotive vocals, making it a standout song in her catalog.

8. All For Love

With a catchy melody and memorable lyrics, “All For Love” is a quintessential pop song that captures the essence of youthful romance.

7. Dead

A part of her debut EP, “Dead” dives into the complexities of love and relationships, offering an honest and unfiltered look into Beer’s emotional landscape.

6. Melodies

As her debut single, “Melodies” holds a special place in Beer’s career. The music video features an appearance by Justin Bieber, marking the full-circle moment in her journey from being discovered by him.

5. Hurts Like Hell

An evocative track, “Hurts Like Hell” explores themes of regret and revenge. Its darker tones set it apart from her earlier, more light-hearted tracks.


As part of the virtual band “K/DA” from League of Legends, “MORE” has been a monumental success. Its blend of genres and eye-catching visuals make it a hit not just within the gaming community, but also among general audiences.


Another track from “K/DA,” “POP/STARS” was the song that put the virtual band on the map. Its addictive melody and high-energy production have made it a staple among fans.

2. All Day and Night

With pulsating beats and infectious hooks, “All Day and Night” shows Madison Beer venturing into the dance music arena, further diversifying her repertoire.

1. Selfish

Arguably her biggest hit to date, “Selfish” took over TikTok and became a viral sensation. Its heartfelt lyrics and haunting melody have resonated with a wide audience, making it the crown jewel of her album “Life Support.”
From her early YouTube videos to her current global recognition, Madison Beer has come a long way. Her versatility, showcased through her solo work and collaborations like those with “K/DA,” demonstrates that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.