2 Unlimited is the most successful Dutch band of all time! They sold more than 20 million records in the ’90s.

The project was started in 1991 by two Belgian producers, Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde, but we mainly knew 2 Unlimited as Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth. 2 Unlimited was the first band to make house music a commercial success. The formula of a male rapper and a female singer, with catchy melodies and solid dance rhythms (also known as Eurodance), dominated pop music in the ’90s.

In this top 10 list, we look at the 10 biggest hits of 2 Unlimited.

10. Jump For Joy (1996)

‘Jump For Joy’ brings the essence of the ’90s to the forefront with its energetic beats and catchy melody. This song by 2 Unlimited is an explosive mix of Eurodance and house, showcasing their talent for creating uplifting, danceable tracks. It’s a jubilant call for joy and freedom, still resonating on dance floors worldwide.

9. Maximum Overdrive (1993)

‘Maximum Overdrive’ is a powerful showcase of 2 Unlimited’s typical Eurodance sound. With its fast pace and compelling rhythms, it’s a track that evokes energy and movement.

8. Get Ready for This (1991)

As one of the most iconic songs of 2 Unlimited, ‘Get Ready For This’ has stood the test of time as a true classic in the sports and dance world. Its recognizable melody and upbeat rhythm make it an essential track for any party or sports event, symbolizing the duo’s lasting impact on pop culture.

7. Let the Beat Control Your Body (1994)

With ‘Let The Beat Control Your Body’, 2 Unlimited brings a hypnotizing mix of Eurodance and house, where the title itself seems a command for the listener to surrender to the music.

6. Faces (1993)

‘Faces’ shows a different side of 2 Unlimited, with a slightly more subdued tone than their usual high-energy tracks. This song combines melodic elements with reflective lyrics.

5. Tribal Dance (1993)

‘Tribal Dance’ is an energetic track that takes the listener on a musical journey with influences of tribal sounds and Eurodance.

4. The Real Thing (1994)

In ‘The Real Thing’, 2 Unlimited mixes their signature Eurodance style with elements of techno and house, resulting in a powerful and invigorating track.

3. No One (1994)

‘No One’ stands out with its harmonious blend of melodic Eurodance and soft, almost dreamy vocals.

2. Twilight Zone (1992)

With ‘Twilight Zone’, 2 Unlimited delves into a deeper, more hypnotic side of Eurodance. The track, with its compelling beats and eerie melodies, creates an atmosphere that is both immersive and mysterious, confirming their status as masters of the dance genre.

1. No Limit (1993)

‘No Limit’, perhaps the most famous song of 2 Unlimited, is an anthem of freedom and unlimited possibilities. With its unforgettable chorus and dynamic beats, this song embodies the essence of the Eurodance revolution of the ’90s and remains a symbol of the genre’s unrestrained joy and energy.