Eric “Slowhand” Clapton is one of the most influential guitarists in the history of rock music. His career, spanning over five decades, has produced countless hits and classic songs. Here’s an in-depth look at his top 10 songs:

10. Let It Rain

An early solo song from Clapton showcasing his signature guitar playing and soulful vocals. The song is a plea for redemption and love, and it perfectly exemplifies Clapton’s ability to convey emotion through his music.

9. White Room

One of the highlights from his time with Cream, “White Room” is a psychedelic rock song that combines Clapton’s virtuoso guitar playing and powerful vocals.

8. Old Love

A deeply emotional song about the end of a relationship, “Old Love” showcases Clapton’s ability to convey pain and sorrow through his music.

7. Crossroads

A cover of the Robert Johnson song, “Crossroads” is one of the most iconic blues songs in history, and Clapton’s version is among the best.

6. I Shot the Sheriff

A cover of the Bob Marley song, Clapton’s version is a rocking interpretation that displays his versatility as a musician.

5. Bell Bottom Blues

A heart-wrenching song about lost love, “Bell Bottom Blues” is one of the highlights of Clapton’s time with Derek and the Dominos.

4. Cocaine

One of Clapton’s most recognizable songs, “Cocaine” is a rocking ode to the dangers and temptations of the drug.

3. Wonderful Tonight

One of the most romantic songs ever written, “Wonderful Tonight” is a tender ballad that showcases Clapton’s softer side.

2. Tears In Heaven

Written after the tragic death of his son, “Tears In Heaven” is one of the most emotional and touching songs in music history.

1. Layla

Perhaps Clapton’s most iconic song, “Layla” is a passionate plea from a man in love with an unattainable woman. The guitar riffs and emotional vocals make this a timeless classic.