The Georgian singer Katie Melua moved to Ireland when she was eight years old. Eventually, she attended the “BRIT School for the Performing Arts & Technology” in London, a school known for producing major artists. And so it was for Katie Melua. She broke through in 2003 with the album “Call of the Search”, but she became truly famous with her second album Piece By Piece from 2005. This included the single “Nine Million Bicycles”, which Melua sang in 2005 during the church wedding of Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita in the Grote or St. Jeroenskerk in Noordwijk. This earned her great popularity in the Netherlands and Belgium.

10. Crawling Up a Hill (2003)

This song, from her debut album “Call Off the Search”, is a cover of a John Mayall song. Katie’s version is both raw and passionate, demonstrating her ability to breathe new life into an old blues song.

9. Mary Pickford (Used to Eat Roses) (2007)

A tribute to silent film actress Mary Pickford, this song is both nostalgic and playful. Katie’s gentle voice and the cheerful melody make it an unforgettable tune.

8. I Cried for You (2005)

A deeply emotional song about loss and heartache. Katie’s voice is at its most vulnerable here, and the raw honesty of the lyrics resonates with many listeners.

7. The Flood (2010)

With its rich orchestration and powerful melody, this song is one of Katie’s most ambitious works. It’s about change and acceptance, showcasing her growth as an artist.

6. Shy Boy (2007)

A cheerful and catchy song about falling in love. Its light and breezy melody nicely contrasts with some of Katie’s deeper tracks.

5. Piece by Piece (2005)
The title track from her second album, this song reflects on life and the pieces that complete it. It’s introspective yet hopeful, and remains one of her most cherished songs.

4. If You Were a Sailboat (2007)

This love song, with its poetic lyrics and dreamy melody, is one of Katie’s biggest hits. It speaks of unconditional love and acceptance and strikes a chord with many fans.

3. The Closest Thing to Crazy (2003)

A song about the madness of being in love, it’s one of Katie’s most iconic tracks. Her gentle voice combined with the melancholic melody make it a timeless classic.

2. Spider’s Web (2005)

This song addresses the complexity of the world and the interconnectedness of our actions. It’s both profound and accessible, showcasing Katie’s ability to approach challenging subjects with grace and insight.

1. Nine Million Bicycles (2005)

Perhaps Katie’s most well-known song, “Nine Million Bicycles” is a love song set against the backdrop of Beijing’s vast landscape. The track is both romantic and contemplative and remains one of the most loved songs in her repertoire.