Dua Lipa has made an undeniable impact on the music industry since her debut. Born in London to Kosovan Albanian parents, her music is characterized by its blend of pop, electronic, and R&B influences. Her debut album catapulted her into stardom, with singles like “New Rules” making significant chart impact in multiple countries, including the UK and US. Here’s a comprehensive list of her top 16 songs, each capturing a different facet of her unique artistic persona.

16. Scared to be Lonely (with Martin Garrix)

A collaboration with EDM artist Martin Garrix, this emotionally charged song dives into the complexities of love and loneliness, all set to a compelling electronic beat.

15. Lost in Your Light

With a catchy tune and an upbeat tempo, this track showcases Dua Lipa’s romantic and dreamy side.

14. Swan Song

Written for the film “Alita: Battle Angel,” this anthem serves as a battle cry for resilience and personal strength.

13. Break My Heart

Marrying a catchy melody with a narrative about the fear of falling too fast in love, this track captures the emotional rollercoaster that relationships often bring.

12. Kiss and Make Up

Collaborating with the K-pop group BLACKPINK, this song explores the push-and-pull dynamics of a complicated relationship.

11. Levitating

A joyful, optimistic tune that captures the magic and excitement of new love, Dua Lipa’s vocals here are exceptionally radiant.

10. Last Dance

An early track that helped establish Dua Lipa’s distinct style, it combines emotional lyrics with an energetic beat.

9. Hotter than Hell

This sultry, tropical-infused track showcases her confident vocals and knack for infectious hooks.

8. Physical

An 80s inspired track, “Physical” is an energetic celebration of intense emotional and physical connection.

7. Blow Your Mind

This empowering anthem stands out for its bold lyrics and catchy rhythm, perfectly encapsulating Dua’s edgy pop style.

6. Don’t Start Now

A post-breakup anthem with disco influences, this song signifies a fresh start and new beginnings.

5. We’re Good

An understated yet deeply catchy track, it represents a mature take on relationships and their impermanence.

4. Be the One

One of the songs that helped put Dua Lipa on the map, this song is a hopeful plea for love and understanding.

3. One Kiss

Her collaboration with Calvin Harris, “One Kiss,” is a danceable track that hit the number one spot in the UK, underscoring her versatility as an artist.


An unapologetically honest song about self-worth and moving on, its empowering message resonated with many listeners.

1. New Rules

Topping the list is “New Rules,” the breakout hit that became a feminist anthem and skyrocketed Dua Lipa to international stardom.

Dua Lipa’s journey so far has been marked by incredible hits that are not just catchy but also emotionally resonant, offering perspectives on love, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Each song in this list showcases a different layer of her artistry, confirming her status as one of the defining pop stars of her generation.