Kate Bush has established herself as one of the most unique and influential artists in the realm of pop music. Her voice, ranging from a soft whisper to piercing high notes, has left an indelible mark on a generation and split audiences between admiration and wonder. But what are truly the top 10 songs of this enigmatic British singer?

10. Don’t Give Up

“Don’t Give Up” is not a solo endeavor by Kate Bush but a duet with Peter Gabriel. In this emotionally charged song, Kate assumes the role of a supportive partner while Gabriel voices the sentiments of someone on the brink of losing hope. Tackling issues like unemployment and loss of self, Kate Bush’s contribution adds an incredible emotional depth to the piece.

9. Hounds of Love

Coming from her 1985 album of the same name, “Hounds of Love” is a masterstroke centered around the fear of commitment. The song employs striking percussion and features influences from traditional Irish music. As with much of her work, a certain degree of theatricality plays an essential role.

8. Army Dreamers

With “Army Dreamers,” Kate Bush delves into the themes of loss and grief. The melody seems soft and melodic at the surface but carries a profound message about the futility of war. The song stands out for its ukulele accompaniment and Bush’s heartfelt performance.

7. Cloudbusting

Inspired by a book from Peter Reich, the song explores his relationship with his father Wilhelm Reich, a controversial psychoanalyst. The instrumental arrangement, including the ‘upright bass,’ gives the song an orchestral feel. True to the spirit of the song, the music video is a short film in itself, featuring Donald Sutherland in a supporting role.

6. Babooshka

“Babooshka” is an intriguing tale about a woman testing her husband’s fidelity. The song is rife with Russian folklore and serves as a masterclass in storytelling. The musical composition, complete with cellos and heavy guitar riffs, amplifies the drama.

5. Moments of Pleasure

This track is an emotionally laden ballad where Kate Bush reflects on cherished moments with lost friends and family. Dominated by piano and Bush’s navigational prowess between high and low notes, the song is an evocative piece that strikes a chord with many.

4. Wuthering Heights

Debut single “Wuthering Heights” draws inspiration from Emily Bronte’s classic novel. Bush’s falsetto and the ethereal arrangements make it one of the most distinctive pop songs ever. The spirit of literature is as present here as Bush’s unique vocal style.

3. This Woman’s Work

Written for the film “She’s Having a Baby,” this song later featured on Bush’s album “The Sensual World.” “This Woman’s Work” is an emotional journey that deals with the stress and expectations surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

2. The Man with the Child in His Eyes

One of Kate Bush’s first major hits, this song showcases an incredible maturity from someone who wrote it at just 13. The lyrics are both profound and enigmatic, addressing the complexities of growing up.

1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

Topping our list is the undisputed “Running Up That Hill,” a song focused on the desire to switch perspectives with your partner to understand each other’s pain and joy. The drum machines and synthesizers remain timeless, and the song is steeped in the emotional intensity that typifies Bush’s work.