Mariah Carey is unquestionably one of the most influential female artists of the past three decades. With her awe-inspiring vocal range and a string of chart-topping hits, her career is nothing short of remarkable. But what are her top ten tracks? Dive into this list to discover the peaks of her musical journey.

10. Always Be My Baby (1995)

A pop tune infused with R&B elements, “Always Be My Baby” from the “Daydream” album stands as one of Carey’s lighter and carefree songs. The arrangement, complete with signature keyboard and guitar parts, renders it a perfect summer hit. It holds its place as one of the most memorable tracks of the ’90s and continues to be a favorite at weddings and romantic comedies.

9. Vanishing (1990)

Originating from her debut album, “Vanishing” showcases Mariah’s vocal prowess in all its glory. While less commercially successful than other songs on this list, it is often cited as one of her most impressive vocal performances. The track subtly integrates jazz elements without losing its pop core.

8. Without You (1993)

Initially a rock ballad by the band Badfinger, Mariah Carey makes “Without You” her own through her soulful rendition. The emotional intensity that Carey pours into this song makes it one of her most compelling ballads, touching anyone who has ever experienced love.

7. All I Want for Christmas is You (1994)

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Now a modern Christmas classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is arguably one of the most iconic holiday tunes ever crafted. The song is both festive and emotional, a perfect blend that highlights Carey’s knack for melodic arrangements.

6. Fantasy (1995)

A vibrant and upbeat track, “Fantasy” is a celebration of love and desire. This song features a sample from Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” and introduces light hip-hop influences, making it one of Carey’s most versatile tracks.

5. We Belong Together (2005)

The ballad “We Belong Together” marked a turning point in Carey’s career, which appeared somewhat shaky at the time. The song is rich in emotional depth, and Carey’s tonal range in this track is simply astonishing.

4. One Sweet Day (1995)

In collaboration with Boyz II Men, “One Sweet Day” portrays the sorrow and hope that follow the loss of a loved one. The harmonies between Carey and Boyz II Men make this track exceptionally special, leaving a lasting emotional impact long after the first listen.

3. Vision of Love (1990)
This is the song that started it all. “Vision of Love,” Carey’s debut single, is a masterclass in vocal technique and soulful performance. It was not only a commercial hit but also a major inspiration for future singers.

2. Dreamlover (1993)

With its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics, “Dreamlover” has all the hallmarks of a classic pop hit. The song demonstrates Carey’s ability to craft a pop tune that stands the test of time, all while instilling a sense of youthful hope in the listener.

1. Hero (1993)

“Hero” stands as a monument in Carey’s body of work and is often considered her signature song. This anthem of self-love and courage continues to inspire many. Carey’s vocal delivery is exceptional, and the emotional charge she infuses into the song turns it into a timeless masterpiece.