Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor is better known under the stage name “Lorde”. She is of New Zealand-Croatian descent. Already at the age of 12 she stood out at a local talent show and got a record deal with “Universal”. In 2012 she released her first EP, but the real success came in 2013 with the album “Pure Heroine” and especially the single Royals. The song was a big hit worldwide. In the meantime we are a few years and albums further, what are Lorde’s best songs so far?

10. Liability

“Liability” is a deeply personal and introspective song where Lorde explores themes of loneliness and the feeling of being a burden to others. Her vulnerable and poignant delivery makes this piano-driven ballad resonate with anyone who has ever felt misunderstood or out of place.

9. Buzzcut Season

In “Buzzcut Season,” Lorde weaves a narrative of escapism and the desire to disconnect from harsh realities. The song’s dreamy and ethereal soundscape, combined with Lorde’s haunting vocals, create a sense of surreal tranquility, inviting listeners into a world of reflective fantasy.

8. Green Light

“Green Light” is a vibrant and energetic track that marks a departure from Lorde’s darker, more introspective style. The song is about moving on and finding liberation after heartbreak. Its infectious beat and soaring chorus capture the exhilarating feeling of starting anew.

7. Ribs

“Ribs” is a hauntingly beautiful song that deals with the fear of growing up and losing the innocence of youth. Lorde’s reflective lyrics and the song’s pulsating rhythm create a sense of nostalgia and yearning, resonating with listeners who are navigating the complexities of coming of age.

6. Yellow Flicker Beat

“Yellow Flicker Beat,” featured in the “Hunger Games” movie soundtrack, showcases Lorde’s ability to create powerful and cinematic music. The song’s dynamic composition and Lorde’s intense vocal performance reflect the resilience and fighting spirit of the film’s protagonist, making it a compelling and inspiring anthem.

5. A World Alone

“A World Alone” is a song about embracing individuality and finding solace in one’s own company. Lorde’s lyrics, which blend cynicism with a sense of hope, along with the song’s upbeat rhythm, create an anthem for those who find strength in their uniqueness.

4. Homemade Dynamite

In “Homemade Dynamite,” Lorde delves into the recklessness and excitement of youth. The song’s catchy beat and Lorde’s playful delivery make it a perfect track for capturing the spirit of carefree adventures and the intensity of young friendships and romances.

3. Tennis Court

“Tennis Court” combines Lorde’s signature lyrical depth with a minimalist yet captivating melody. The song explores the themes of fame, identity, and the superficiality of social interactions, showcasing Lorde’s skill in crafting thought-provoking and relatable music.

2. Royals

“Royals” is the song that catapulted Lorde to international fame. With its critique of materialism and the pursuit of luxury, Lorde’s deep and rhythmic vocals challenge the status quo, making “Royals” a distinctive anthem for a generation disillusioned with the opulence portrayed in popular culture.

1. Team

“Team” is an anthemic track celebrating unity and togetherness. Lorde’s lyrics speak to the desire for authentic connections in a world that often feels fragmented. The song’s uplifting beat and chorus embody the spirit of collaboration and mutual support, making it a powerful and uniting piece.