Sting, known to the world by his stage name rather than his given name, Gordon Sumner, rose to fame as the lead singer of the rock band The Police. He later embarked on a solo career that has been just as remarkable. His eclectic style blends elements of rock, jazz, and world music, establishing him as one of the most influential musicians of his era. But what are the songs that you absolutely must hear? Here are the top ten songs by Sting.

10. Seven Days

“Seven Days” is a stellar example of Sting’s knack for blending various musical styles. From jazz to pop, the song is a rhythmic play on time and tempo, making it an intriguing listen.

9. All for Love

This song stands out for being a collaboration with Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart for the film ‘The Three Musketeers.’ “All for Love” showcases Sting’s ability to work with other legendary artists while still adding his own unique flair. It’s a powerful love ballad that is hard to forget.

8. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

An iconic song from Sting’s solo career, it blends rock with soulful influences. The song serves as an anthem for freedom within relationships and is compelling from start to finish. The bassline and background vocals are particularly noteworthy, making it one of Sting’s most memorable songs.

7. Moon Over Bourbon Street

Here, Sting transports you to the atmospheric streets of New Orleans. Inspired by Anne Rice’s novel ‘Interview with the Vampire,’ “Moon Over Bourbon Street” conjures a dark, almost Gothic mood with its jazzy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

6. Desert Rose

“Desert Rose” is a captivating blend of Western pop and Arabic music. The duet with Algerian singer Cheb Mami adds an unexpected but entirely successful layer to the song. The track exudes a sort of mystical romanticism that’s rare in mainstream pop.

5. Shape of My Heart

One of Sting’s most tender and introspective songs, “Shape of My Heart” is an acoustic ballad exploring the complexities of human emotions and relationships. Frequently used in movies and TV shows, this song is a timeless classic for good reason.

4. Russians

Written during the Cold War, “Russians” captures Sting’s feelings about the political tensions between the West and the Soviet Union. The melody is partially based on a theme by Russian composer Prokofiev, adding an extra layer of depth to this already complex song.

3. Englishman in New York

This is one of Sting’s signature songs. “Englishman in New York” is both a reflection on British identity and life in the Big Apple. The saxophone takes center stage here, making the song a true jazz-pop classic.

2. Fragile

“Fragile” showcases Sting’s poetic sensibilities. Written as a tribute to a friend who was killed amid political turmoil in Nicaragua, the song is both delicate and powerful, revealing Sting’s mastery in conveying emotion.

1. Fields of Gold

The quintessential Sting song, “Fields of Gold,” is a love ballad that speaks to everyone. The English wheat fields serve as a metaphor for everlasting love. With a simple yet effective melody, Sting’s vocals bring the song to an emotional climax. This is Sting at his finest.